Too Hot To Handle: Are Sharron And Rhonda Still Together In 2023?

It’s an easy call for me to pick Sharron Townsend and Rhonda Paul as the most likely to remain together as a pair among the competitors of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. They had the show’s healthiest connection, hands down (despite the admittedly low bar). Are Sharron And Rhonda Still Together?

The breakup between Townsend and Paul has been verified by both of them in multiple interviews. Did the lengthy trip have a role? Which one of you would like to reconcile more? And how did Francesca and Harry manage to become the show’s most successful couple? In the following, we simplify all the gory particulars.

Are Sharron And Rhonda Still Together?

There is one thing we can say for certain: Paul and Townsend are officially done. Paul told Women’s Health, “Unfortunately, we are not [together].

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We’re still in touch and are good friends to this day. In an interview, Townsend reaffirmed their relationship status, adding, “I can’t do anything without her assistance. Every day, we have a conversation. She supports me emotionally, but she won’t physically help me. Similarly to how it is presented in the show.”

After Filming Wrapped On Too Hot To Handle, They Avoided Each Other Completely

They are used to spending time apart. When asked by Entertainment Tonight how often they’d seen one other since filming concluded in April, they said solely via FaceTime. Long distance had an adverse effect on their relationship.

According to what Paul told Women’s Health, “With everything that’s going on today, we honestly haven’t even had the time to meet since the concert,” she continues. It’s been tough having all this time and distance between us… so we’ve decided to just be friends for now.

The Breakup Was Influenced By Factors Including Physical Separation And Family Conflicts

“Currently, we’re trying to figure out a solution. The odds are stacked against us, “Paul spoke with E! News & Beyond. Townsend told the media outlet that the pair had planned to meet up for a visit before Townsend’s quarantine was lifted due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Another challenge that could strain their connection? Relationships inside the family. “After the show, we were going strong for a few months,” Paul said to the media. Townsend elaborated, “(But) I was experiencing family troubles.”

“My mother was ill. At last, I was forced to withdraw inside myself once more. I didn’t mean to, but I gradually began to feel distant from her.”

They Never Consummated Their Relationship On The Show

Curious about what went down between Townsend and Paul during their approved one-night stand on Too Hot To Handle? Paul acknowledged to Women’s Health that while he and Sharron “certainly had connected at that point in time,” they still didn’t end up breaking Lana’s rules despite everything they’d learned throughout their time there.

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We have not yet engaged in sexual activity. Neither party has dated anybody else in the last 12 months, per ET.

Paul, though, told Women’s Health that she does not regret being together with Townsend. “At first, he was trying to silence me. The more time we spent together and chatted, the more I realized that he is more than just an oiled-up physique and a six-pack.

Townsend Is Open To Getting Back Together With Paul

Townsend has kept the door to their romance wide open in the numerous interviews he has done after Too Hot To Handle aired: “I’m holding out hope that there’s still a chance we can make this work. There’s a lot of affection in my heart for her, “He stated on

“You are aware of the adage. A chance at good fortune presents itself, and if you miss it, it may never come again. What I face is not unknown to me. I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.” The influence of Paul was “one of the best things that have happened to me,” he said. She’s been a real treasure to me.

Townsend said to ET that he has remained true to Paul and has FaceTimed with her kid Amare since filming wrapped. “Nobody and I has been hooking up recently. I haven’t changed who I am or how I feel about Rhonda. After we came home, I just sat around and did nothing.”

What’s more, “I truly meant what I said. When we were on the show together, I told her, “This is it.” I’d rather try it out with her than anyone else.”

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