Are You The One Couples Still Together: Which Couples Are Still Together From The Famous Show?

Are You The One Couples Still Together: It’s challenging to find lasting love in this modern era, so why not try your luck on a reality dating show?

Since the eighth season of MTV’s Are You the One? wrapped up in 2019, we’re taking a look at which couples from the show have stayed together. Season 8 featured a fully sexually flexible cast.

The show, which has been airing since 2014, uses an algorithm to try to find people their “ideal match,” with a $1 million prize up for grabs if they succeed. In addition, several couples from the first season are still together, and at least one of them even has offspring after eight more seasons.

Find out who has lasted the test of time by reading on down below! (thus far).

What Is Are You The One

Are You the One? (or AYTO?) is an American MTV reality show about young singles looking for romantic partners. Producers use an algorithm to discreetly pair off a group of single men and women into romantic relationships.

The competitors then attempt to discover their “ideal partners” while living together. The team might win a total of $1,000,000 if they are successful. In the first seven seasons, all couples were male and female, but in the eighth season, contestants may choose their partners regardless of gender.

Contestants go on dates with partners chosen through competitions (or, in the seventh season only, the “fate button”), and at the end of each episode, they can find out in the “truth booth” if they made the right choice.

If the truth booth reveals that a couple is a perfect fit, they will be escorted to the honeymoon suite and paired off for the rest of the ceremonies. Contestants learn how many right matches they have out of their total number of perfect matches at the end of each episode during a “matching ceremony.”

Starting with Season 3, the reward was decreased whenever the house failed to find any matches beyond those validated by the truth booth.

Are You The One Couples Still Together

Below Is The List Of Couples Who Are Still Together: 

Diamonds Amber And Ethan

Season 1’s pair had Scarlett in December 2014. Serena, their second daughter, arrived in June 2018. “To this day, our date evenings are like our first date!” In February 2022, Ethan wished his wife a Happy Valentine’s Day on Instagram. “Cheers to a lifetime of teenage love and laughter! You’ve grown my heart 6 times since we met! No matter what, I’m pleased and grateful to be your Valentine!”

Curtis Hadzicki And Jenni Knapmiller

In October 2014, AYTO season 2 premiered. After reconciling off-camera, they started dating in 2015. Jenni tagged the official AYTO account in the comments of their October 2020 Instagram engagement announcement, saying, “I guess we owe you guys a shout-out for putting us in the same room!”

Uche Nwosu And Clinton Moxam

While filming AYTO season 6, Uche and Clinton met in June 2017. In June 2020, they got engaged and married in September 2021, despite the algorithm’s prediction. At the time, the pair told Brides, “We met on a reality TV show and although unconventional, it’s our love story and we wouldn’t alter it for the world.”

Joe Torgerson, Mikala Thomas

In 2016, Mikala participated in AYTO season 4. she broke up with Cameron Kolbo, her perfect match In 2017. In 2017, Joe appeared in AYTO season 6 and Ex on the Beach’s first season. Mikala and Joe acknowledged their relationship in August 2018 after months of rejecting rumors. The couple got engaged in February 2021. Joe joked on Instagram, “You’re trapped with me now.”

Cam Bruckman And Carolina Duarte

Carolina starred in season 5 and the spinoff Are You the One? while Cam appeared in season 4. Second Chances, with cast members from previous seasons. In September 2019, they got engaged after filming. The couple, who married in July 2021, announced their first child in January 2022.

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Cali Trepp And Tomas Buenos

Tomas and Cali met in season 7, “Are You the One?” 2018’s Season of Fate Despite their differences, they got engaged in November 2021 and will marry in June 2022.

Shannon Duffy And Anthony Martin

Shannon Duffy and Anthony Martin Shannon appeared in season 5 of AYTO, while Anthony starred in season 6. Ex on the Beach’s 2019 third season brought them together. In October 2020, they had Isabella. In January 2022, Shannon revealed her second pregnancy.

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