Army Veteran Who Stopped The Alleged Shooter At A Colorado Nightclub Claims That “Everybody Was A Hero”

Despite his years in the military, a U.S. Army veteran who prevented a suspected shooter from killing more people at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado claimed he had never been in a scenario like that before, but that everyone at the club that night was in the foxhole together.

After a suspected shooter allegedly killed five people at Club Q in Colorado Springs on Saturday night, Richard Fierro talked about confronting and stopping the shooter.

So, he said, “everyone in there has their own unique heroic story.” Gutman of ABC News. “And the reason I said combat is because going downrange is equivalent to it. Everybody is involved in some way.”

Everyone in that club was in your foxhole at that same time, Gutman continued.

“Everybody. And we were all scurrying for safety “explained Fierro. “You duck for cover before you speak. You react to events.”

Anderson Lee Aldrich, the alleged shooter, allegedly slumped backward after Fierro pulled him from behind.

Fierro remained on top of the suspect for roughly three minutes, according to a source who watched the surveillance footage from the club and spoke to ABC News.

Fierro claimed he didn’t want to see the video, but he did admit that he warned his daughter that if the matter went to trial, they might see “something we don’t want to see.”

“We are however heading to court, I informed her. We will witness something unfavorable if this child is put on trial. But since it’s what Americans do, we’re going to carry it out. You work for justice and carry out your duties. I’m done now. You simply do, “said he.

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As he laments the loss of those who perished, including his daughter’s lover, Fierro rejects the label of heroism that others have given him.

During a press conference held outside his house on Monday night, he claimed, “There are five people I could not save, one of whom was family to me.

“I’m not happy. My family is not still alive, but that person is “He made this statement in reference to Raymond Green Vance, his daughter’s boyfriend, who was one of the victims of the shooting.

Police say the 22-year-old suspect allegedly started firing as soon as he entered Club Q, resulting in five deaths and 17 people suffering bullet wounds.

According to online court documents, the suspect is being held without bond on 10 “arrest only” charges, including five counts of first-degree murder and five counts of committing a felony motivated by bigotry that resulted in bodily harm.

However, according to Colorado’s Fourth Judicial District Attorney Michael Allen, those accusations “are only preliminary.”

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