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Arrest Made in Denver Shooting Case: Suspect in September LoDo Incident Apprehended

Arrest Made in Denver Shooting Case

Arrest Made in Denver Shooting Case

In a significant development, the Denver Police Department announced the arrest of Keanna Rosenburgh, a juvenile wanted in connection with a September shooting that left five people wounded outside a Denver bar located in the Lower Downtown (LoDo) area. The arrest took place on Thursday morning in Barstow, California, situated in the Mojave Desert of Southern California, nearly equidistant between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Arrest Following Extensive Investigation

According to the Denver Police Department, Rosenburgh’s arrest was the result of extensive investigative efforts by the Denver Police Fugitive Unit. Investigators were able to determine that the suspect was located in Barstow, California.

Further investigation and surveillance led to her arrest. While the exact age of the suspect was not disclosed, it was confirmed that she is a juvenile, and her booking photo will not be released.

Charges and Incident Background

Keanna Rosenburgh now faces eight counts of first-degree attempted homicide related to the shooting that occurred on September 16, 2023, outside a bar at the intersection of 19th and Market streets in Lower Downtown Denver. The Denver District Attorney’s Office will ultimately determine the formal charges against her.

In the initial incident, it was reported that Rosenberg had attempted to enter the LoDo bar on a Saturday night but was denied entry by the club’s security, who suspected her of using a false ID. Subsequently, she left the line, engaged in a conversation with the security staff, and allegedly fired a shot toward the club as she departed.

Police have clarified that the victims of the shooting were not the intended targets, and it is believed that the shots may have been directed towards the security personnel. Fortunately, all five victims are expected to recover from their injuries.

Surveillance Footage and Public Assistance

The incident was captured on surveillance video, and the image of the shooter was widely circulated following the incident. The identification of Keanna Rosenburgh as the individual in the video was made possible through tips from the public.

Law Enforcement Cooperation

The arrest of Rosenberg was accomplished through collaborative efforts with law enforcement agencies, including the FBI Los Angeles SWAT team, the FBI Los Angeles Desert Cities Safe Streets Task Force, and the Barstow Police Department.

This arrest marks a significant step in the ongoing investigation and legal proceedings surrounding the September shooting incident in Lower Downtown Denver. The case will now proceed under the jurisdiction of the Denver District Attorney’s Office, which will determine the formal charges and legal actions against the suspect.

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