Aspired Proud Boy Who Met Schumer on January 6 Receives 55 Months in Prison

Proud Boy Joshua Pruitt, who almost had a face-to-face encounter with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer during the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, was given a four-year-and-seven-month prison sentence for his part in delaying the certification of the electoral college vote.

Pruitt and the crowd “snapped our heretofore unbroken record of the peaceful transition of power,” Judge Timothy Kelly stated to him before handing down his sentence on Monday.

According to prosecutors, Pruitt, who admitted guilt for obstruction of justice in early June, was a member of a Proud Boys group message in which members discussed preparations to march to the Capitol and commit violence on January 6.
Prosecutors said in court documents that the defendants’ “plans were not confined to fighting Antifa:” they planned on heading to the Capitol to impede the certification of the election and threatening police who might try to stand in their way.
When the riot broke out, Pruitt was still in the process of being initiated into the far-right organization and was only a recruit.
To join the Proud Boys, the defendant will do anything, a prosecutor named Alexis Jane Loeb told Kelly at the sentencing.

Pruitt, according to prosecutors, was in the forefront of the mob that stormed the Capitol, and he is blamed for destroying a huge placard inside the building by throwing it across a room.

Prosecutors were told by Schumer’s security team that they had to alter their evacuation strategy when they spotted Pruitt, who was only four or five seconds away from the senator. Prosecutors claim that Schumer and his security team rushed down a ramp instead of using an elevator.

On President Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day, two weeks after Pruitt stormed the Capitol and was jailed later that day, he was sworn into the Proud Boys.
Pruitt, who was wearing a jail uniform and has the number 1776 tattooed across the knuckles of his right hand, confirmed to Kelly before he was sentenced that he had broken the law but maintained his belief that the 2020 election would be stolen.
While admitting that January 6 was not “a pleasant day,” Pruitt lamented, “I wish I would have been watching it from a restaurant.”