Asylum Seeker Imprisoned for Attempted R@pe After Victim Fought Him Off

A court heard that a Deliveroo driver tried to rape a woman near a World War I monument. He was put in jail for this.

Tesfagabriel Gebrzgabhi was riding his bright green Deliveroo-branded bike when he went after the drunk woman who was alone.

In the late-night attack, the 34-year-old man, who was looking for asylum, pinned the woman in her 20s against a wall by the war monument and pulled her skirt up.

The attempted rape took place in an alley next to the Cenotaph in Portsmouth, Hants, a famous naval city.

The tweet below verifies the news:

The Cenotaph in Portsmouth, which lost a lot of soldiers and sailors in World War I, was opened in the city center by Prince Arthur in 1921. It has carvings of the names of soldiers and sailors who gave their lives for their country.

The memorial is just a few feet away from Portsmouth’s Guildhall Walk, a famous place to go out at night. This is where the woman and her friends were drinking on February 1, but they got separated.

Gebrzgabhi went after the woman in an alley when she was walking alone around 10 p.m.

At Portsmouth Crown Court, prosecutor Gary Venturi said, “He walked up to her and grabbed her by the arm. He then pushed her against a nearby wall and pulled her skirt up.”

“Even though she was drunk, she could remember saying, “What are you doing? Say “Get off.”

“The accused person said, ‘It’s okay, let me do it.” He then tried to pull down her shorts, which she was wearing under her mini dress.”

The woman was able to fight Gebrzgabhi, and she pulled out her phone to try to record the attack.

Mr. Venturi also said, “It’s clear that he was trying to get inside her, but he failed, as the charge shows. She was crying and told him she didn’t know him.

The woman told the judge that she now needs to talk to a therapist. She said, “It’s hard for me to be outside at night, so I try not to go anywhere alone.” I ask family and friends to come with me.”

She said she used to be a strong, independent woman, but now she “hates having to depend on other people.”

She also said, “I love people, but I no longer trust them. That’s why I hate him. I hate that he tried to have sex with me when he came up to me. I know that he would have had sex with me if I had let go of my shorts.”

Gebrzgabhi was taken into custody a week after the attack, when cops saw him riding his neon bike back on Guildhall Walk.

The man’s sperm was found on the clothes of the woman.

He was in jail for 6 years and 4 months, and now he might be sent away.

Gebrzgabhi’s lawyer, Richard Onslow, said he was “deeply ashamed” of himself.

Mr. Onslow said that Gebrzgabhi came to the country on a small boat to “seek a better life” before he was sent to Portsmouth, where he didn’t know anyone and barely spoke English.

Judge Michael Bowes KC put him in jail and said the woman was “almost” raped and had “serious psychological harm.” Gebrzgabhi admits to one charge of trying to rape a woman.

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Hampshire Constabulary Pol Con Sarah Ball said, “This was a very worrying and opportunistic attack on a vulnerable woman. I want to thank the victim for her courage in telling us what happened that night and helping us with our investigation.”

“His actions have hurt the woman involved in ways that can’t be measured, and I hope that this sentence will help her put the past behind her and move on with her life.”

If you’re looking for information on crimes committed in California or the surrounding states, the California Examiner is the publication for you.

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