At Least 8 Injured in Wrecks, Gunfire on Road to Ga. Beach Party

On Saturday, when a lot of people were going to Orange Crush on Tybee Island, there were a lot of car accidents and a shooting on Highway 80, which made it hard for Georgia lawmakers to handle.

This weekend, a lot of people came to Tybee Island for Orange Crush, which is an unofficial beach party for students at HBCUs.

The city told WJCL that the event was not allowed, but they had police, firemen, and other people ready to keep everyone safe.

Even though the police were ready for the chaos on the beach, it was a different story on the way to the party.

Seven people were taken to the hospital at 1:30 p.m. after a sprinter van and muscle car crashed on Highway 80 to Tybee Island, setting off a chain reaction of accidents.

WJCL said that children may have been thrown out of the car during the crash.

WJCL said that after the crash, someone who was stuck in traffic started doing doughnuts in the road, but they lost control and hit another car, which caused more traffic on Highway 80.

As the traffic jams got worse, cops said that people started to party by dancing on top of their cars.

At 8 p.m., when traffic was still backed up on Highway 80 near Fort Pulaski, police said a woman in a car with five other people was shot in the back.

State Representative Jesse Petrea said on Facebook at 9:30 p.m. Saturday, “I’ve been getting a lot of calls, texts, and messages about Orange Crush on Tybee Island over the last two hours.” “There have been many stories of sexually inappropriate behavior, drug use, road rage, etc. To be clear, I have talked with the heads of the Georgia State Patrol. Tybee did not ask GSP for help with this game. Now, you can’t get to the island. But our GSP crime unit was asked to help out in Savannah this weekend, and they are doing so tonight.”

Petrea also said that Governor Brian Kemp sent more GSP troopers to Highway 80 on his own to make sure traffic rules were followed.

Police told WJCL that they had caught and charged Adam Bauer, who is 38 years old, with six counts of aggravated assault because of the shooting on Highway 80.

The names of all of the dead have not been made public.

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