Atlanta-Area Shooting: 4 Lives Lost, Suspect Killed in Manhunt

After a two-day manhunt, the suspect in the shooting deaths of four people in an Atlanta suburb was slain on Sunday, authorities said.

At a press conference on Sunday, Henry County Sheriff Reginald Scandrett reported that Andre Longmore, 40, was shot and killed following a confrontation with police. In the following gunfight, two law enforcement officers were wounded: a sheriff’s deputy and a Clayton County police officer.

“The citizens of Hampton, County of Henry, metro Atlanta area and the entire state of Georgia can breathe a little easier tonight,” Scandrett said. “This monster’s off of our streets.”

The tweet be;ow verifies the news:

About 35 miles south of Atlanta, in the community of Hampton, Longmore allegedly opened fire, killing four people about 10:45 a.m. Chief James Turner of the Hampton Police Department made the announcement at a press conference on Saturday.

After the mass shooting, the sheriff’s office offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the shooter, prompting a “all hands on deck” manhunt.

Scandrett declared to Longmore during a press conference on Saturday, “We will hunt you down in any hole that you may be residing in and bring you into custody.”

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