Authorities Find Partial Remains Of A Woman Believed To Be Murdered By Ex-boyfriend

The heartbreaking news of a missing California lady was announced by authorities. Alexis Gabe, 24, was reported missing in Antioch, California, in January, and her remains were reportedly discovered by a local homeowner.

Her remains, or at least some of them, were discovered in the California town of Plymouth.

Authorities Find Partial Remains Of A Woman Believed To Be Murdered By Ex-boyfriend.
Authorities Find Partial Remains Of A Woman Believed To Be Murdered By Ex-boyfriend.

According to a statement released by Oakley City Hall, “yesterday afternoon a local resident of the Plymouth, California region found something strange that was presumed to be human remains.” Plymouth, California is located in Amador County. The local homeowner contacted authorities after making the discovery, and Amador County Sheriff’s Office deputies went to the scene to collect the body.

Since the hours of daylight were quickly dwindling, it was decided to stay vigil and begin a proper inquiry in the morning. This morning, officers from both the Oakley Police Department and the Antioch Police Department rushed to the Plymouth area to provide their support to the ongoing investigation. The precise site is in Plymouth, not far from Jackson Road. Additional searching of the area around the gravesite where Alexis’ bones were discovered turned up nothing.

Authorities determined the remains to be those of a human being. The forensic odontologist examined it and concluded that it was really Gabe’s. Authorities have reportedly informed her loved ones of the tragedy, who have asked for privacy at this time of loss.

Marshall Curtis Jones “traveled to the Jackson Road neighborhood in the hours and days after Alexis was reported missing,” according to official statements. Due to the decayed state of Alexis’s bones and the absence of her whole body, we suspect the rest of her remains are dispersed around the region. Alexis’ remains are in such bad shape that we know there’s no hope of a complete recovery. For future discoveries of skeletal remains, the city of Oakley has decided not to increase the incentive amount.

At this point, it seems that no one will face consequences for Gabe’s death. Marshall Curtis Jones, 27, was her ex-boyfriend whom police in Seattle, Washington, attempted to arrest for murder on June 1. They said he had rushed them with a knife before they shot him to death.


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