Authorities Said the Driver “Deliberately Crashed” Into the Store, Hitting Several Passersby

The 18-year-old accused of intentionally crashing into a Walmart in Thomasville, Georgia, police confirmed on Friday. On his initial court appearance, Khalil Pugh faced more than a dozen charges, including murder, felony murder, homicide by automobile, and aggravated assault with intent to murder.

The Thomasville Police Department confirmed Friday that they had elevated the case to a homicide after discovering Pugh’s alleged intentional wreck. Pugh raised his middle finger to the judge after being denied release at the Friday hearing, drawing audible gasps and remarks from the courtroom. Someone in the group said to him, “Get it together.”

“That’s what you call having no remorse,” an officer said. Pugh was taken out of the courtroom by bailiffs. Pugh allegedly sped through a Walmart parking lot in a gray Toyota Camry before slamming through the store’s front doors on Wednesday.

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Authorities Said the Driver "Deliberately Crashed" Into the Store
Authorities Said the Driver “Deliberately Crashed” Into the Store

Kenneth Kennedy, a 66-year-old resident of Monticello, was murdered when the car he was in crashed through the front door of the store. Other store patrons were hurt, according to TPD and GPS, but they won’t say how many.

Pugh  “was involved in a series of entering autos at a separate location just prior to travelling to Wal-Mart.” according to a TPD statement. He was also accused of “Entering Vehicles,” which means he attempted to break into vehicles in order to take their contents.

Pugh was also charged with criminal damage to property in the second degree, fleeing the scene of an accident, and driving under the influence. According to authorities, he tried to flee the site of the collision, but bystanders caught him.

There was a passenger in the vehicle with the Pugh, according to authorities. Two people were hauled in for questioning. It’s unclear how Pugh and the passenger are related. It is also unclear whether the passenger will be charged or if they are still in detention at this time.

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