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Baby Gets Pepper Sprayed After Teens Get Into Fight

Baby Gets Pepper Sprayed After Teens Get Into Fight

Baby Gets Pepper Sprayed After Teens Get Into Fight

According to Brunswick News, a baby was taken to the hospital on May 19 after being hit with pepper spray.

During a fight, Amiera Ford, who was 19 years old at the time, sprayed a baby and her mother, who was 17 years old.

After rescuers got there, the baby was taken to a hospital. The baby is said to be in very bad shape.

The baby’s face was swollen and it was hard for it to breathe, the police said in the arrest report.

When Ford heard that cops had been called, he ran away.

The mother of the baby, Keala Herring, told police that Ford followed her home before the fight and waited for her to come outside to fight.

The report says that when Herring tried to leave her home, Ford and a few other people with her got out of a black SUV and struck her.

The story that Brunswick News got says that a witness yelled at Ford to stop spraying the baby, but she kept spraying anyway.

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Later, the police found Ford at the Kingsland Lake Point flats and arrested her there.

Ford was arrested on charges of simple battery, aggravated battery, and first-degree abuse to children.

Ford told the cops that she did not spray the baby with pepper spray.

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