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Baker Hughes Ex-employee Grieves Colleague’s Death

Baker Hughes Ex-employee Grieves Colleague's Death

Baker Hughes Ex-employee Grieves Colleague's Death

People who knew him are shocked by the death of a Baker Hughes worker who died at work on Wednesday.

Jacoby Guillory, who used to work at Baker Hughes and used to work with the victim, said, “I’m very sad, and one of the last things I said there before I left was, I feel like someone’s going to get hurt.”

Guillory said that one of his coworkers, who hasn’t been named, had worked there for 26 years and had the best work attitude of anyone.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Even though Guillory and the victim worked together for less than a year, he said they worked closely together, and he has been sad since he heard the news. “I feel like I could have saved his life,” he said. I feel like I could have told someone else who might have been able to help save his life, too. That’s something I’d never know about.”

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