Baltimore Schoolyard Murder: A Student Was Fatally Shot

According to Baltimore Police, a student from Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School was shot and killed on Friday in the playground.

On Monday, the new school year began.

The girl, 17, was approached by the suspect while walking home from school. Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison stated during a Friday press conference that the confrontation escalated to the point that the suspect pulled out a gun.

According to Harrison, the suspect, also 17, fired multiple shots at the victim.
After the alleged gunman fled the scene, school police tracked him down and arrested him without “incident or injury,” as Harrison put it.

Baltimore Schoolyard Murder: A Student Was Fatally Shot

He added that authorities had found a pistol the suspect had been observed throwing away.
According to a written statement released by Baltimore Police, school police administered CPR to the student who had sustained life-threatening gunshot wounds at the scene.

It was reported in the statement that the victim was pronounced dead shortly after being taken to a nearby hospital. Taking place on school grounds at the start of the school year, “this is awful, beyond tragic,” Harrison added.

If Harrison is to be believed, the person currently in arrest is a student at another local high school. The victim and the suspect have not been identified by police. Chief Executive Officer of Baltimore City Public Schools Sonja Santelises congratulated law enforcement for capturing the shooter “within seconds of the incident.”

Santelises stated that the school’s safety plan was activated and that school police were “at post” for dismissal. Authorities reportedly said that law enforcement officers were present in the school’s courtyard at the time of the incident.

According to a CNN station, Santelises and Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott met with kids in the wake of the violent incident. Baltimore City Public Schools also announced that all after-school events would be postponed.

According to Santelises, several children were there during the shooting, so the school is providing grief counselling the following week, as reported by WBFF. For more information, Harrison said the public should call the police, as the investigation is ongoing.

The shooting on Friday was the most recent violent incident at the institution, which goes by the name Mervo. According to WBFF, a student stabbed two fellow students in April following a fight.