Bay Area Records Highest-ever Temperature

Temperatures of 110 degrees or higher have been recorded in several Bay Area locations, making the final day of Labor Day weekend celebrations unbearable for many. Extreme temperatures put California’s electrical infrastructure to the ultimate test. The highest ever recorded temperatures in the Bay Area were in two separate places.

To what do we owe these abnormally high temperatures? A lid in the atmosphere is trapping hot air over the Western U.S., causing a heat dome. The Chronicle’s weather science team explains the scientific basis behind the increasing severity of heat waves in California.

Bay Area Records Highest-ever Temperature
Bay Area Records Highest-ever Temperature

To bring you the most up-to-date news from all throughout the Bay Area, our reporters have spread out.

As the power outage in California subsides until tomorrow, the state has lifted the emergency alert.
As demand decreased and supplies increased, the state electricity grid lifted its emergency alerts around 9 p.m. on Monday, making rolling blackouts highly unlikely. Californians are still under a Flex Alert until 10 p.m. tonight, during which they are asked to cut back on their electrical consumption. On Tuesday, as the heat wave continues and people return to work, the grid is expected to experience its biggest demand ever (which boosts electricity demand outside the home).

The heat has forced the closure of the East Bay’s only public swimming pool.
Because of “excessive heat expected on those days,” the Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex in the East Bay city has decided to close its facilities until Tuesday. In order to help people beat the heat, the Brentwood Community Center (35 Oak Street) opened its doors as a cooling center from Saturday through Tuesday, 11 am to 6 pm.

Due to the heat, some Sonoma County restaurants have closed.
On Monday night, when temperatures reached 110 degrees, Murphy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant in Sonoma cancelled a music jam but remained open for beverages and food in air-conditioned rooms. In consideration of the health and safety of their employees, Ray’s Deli and Tavern in Petaluma will be closed on Tuesday “due to the high heat,” but they plan to resume for business as usual on Wednesday. Due to the heat, Harvey’s Donuts in Sonoma has decided to close its doors until Friday.

Monday night’s emergency alert has been extended by the grid.
The California grid operator has extended the stage 2 emergency notification until Monday night, indicating that power supplies are still under severe strain. At 8 o’clock that evening, the grace period ended. However, even though power consumption has peaked, there is still a huge additional load from air conditioning, and there is no solar power after dark save from what is stored in batteries. Stage 3 grid failure results in rolling blackouts, which is a concern on Tuesday when the state’s power demand is expected to be at an all-time high.

Downtown San Francisco has been given a heat alert.
There has been a heat alert issued for downtown San Francisco by the National Weather Service from Monday night through Wednesday. According to the agency’s tweet, the hottest time of the week will be Tuesday afternoon, when the temperature will reach a high of 87.

On Monday, Livermore also broke the Bay Area record high temperature of 116 degrees.
Monday’s record-breaking high temperature of 116 degrees in Livermore was just as unpleasant as it had been in Fairfield. According to the National Weather Service, the previous record high temperature in Livermore was 115 degrees in 1950.
In the Bay Area, preliminary heat records have been broken.
Livermore may have reached 113 to 116 degrees, which would shatter its day record high of 108 degrees established in 1950, as preliminary high temperature readings continue to trickle in from the Bay Area’s blistering heat wave. Concord’s Buchanan Field Airport reached 112 degrees, matching the record set in 2020, while the temperature in downtown Oakland reached 100 degrees, surpassing the previous daily record high of 95 degrees, set in 2008.

Temperatures at San Francisco International Airport reached a new daily record high of 93 degrees, matching the record set in 2020. San Jose International Airport and Mountain View both reached a high of 102 degrees, smashing their previous day record highs of 99 and 97 degrees, set in 2009, respectively. Today’s temperature of 98 degrees in Palo Alto shattered the previous record high set in 2008 of 95 degrees.

The temperature at the Sonoma County Airport station reached 111 degrees, shattering the previous record of 109 degrees, established two years ago. Earlier this year, the temperature at the Napa County Airport hit 109 degrees, breaking the previous high set in 2020 at 106 degrees. The Bay Area office of the National Weather Service will begin checking the data on Monday afternoon, but it is unclear when a final report would be released.

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