Beating Death Victim Was Father of Officer Slain in 2016 Ambush

A guy was beaten to death outside the Triple S Food Mart on North Foster Drive near Fairfield Avenue. The Baton Rouge Police Department is looking into what happened.

Police say that on Thursday, June 1, someone hurt Hosea Jackson, who is 63 years old.

Family friends have confirmed that Hosea Jackson is the father of Cpl. Montrell Jackson of the Baton Rouge Police Department, who was killed in an ambush in 2016.

The tweet below verifies the news:

I think the effects of 2016 are still felt in this town and in the Baton Rouge area. We still have to do a lot more. But a lot of this can’t be solved just by talking about it,” Dadrius Lanus from 100 Black Men said.

Police said that Hosea Jackson was taken to the hospital, but he died there on Sunday, June 4.

The BRPD said that Jackson’s death was caused by a crime because he had bruises on his head and neck.

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“When people are afraid to talk, it’s not only bad for this neighborhood but also for the society we’ve built here in Baton Rouge. “When people talk to each other, especially about crimes, it helps us figure out not only who did it, but also where,” Lanus said.

At this point, neither a reason nor a suspect has been found.

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