Beaver County Walmart Death Deemed Accidental

The accident that killed the man at the Center Township Walmart in November was found to be the cause of death.

The Beaver County sheriff says that Kenneth Vinyard, who was 48 years old, died from high blood pressure and atherosclerotic heart disease. He died because of a blow to the head and the worry that came with it.

On Nov. 6, Vineyard was helping a person who had been shot in a Walmart parking lot. State police said that Vinyard and a guy who said he was an off-duty Center Township police officer got into a fight. The man threw Vinyard to the ground, and he hit his head and later died.

Attorney Joel Sansone said, “He was such a kind and good man, and the fact that he helped a stranger shows that.”

The tweet below verifies the news:

Sansone said that Vinyard was helping a man who had been shot right by his car while he was waiting for his fiancee to come out of Walmart.

“An unknown guy told him to move away and pushed Mr. Vineyard hard to the ground, where his head hit the pavement. “Because Mr. Vineyard had no pulse, his fiancee started to help him by doing chest compressions,” Sansone said.

After suing Center Township and the officer involved, who is known as Officer John Hawk, Vinyard’s family has decided to settle the case for almost $1 million.

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The Beaver County sheriff said that his office will not say anything else about this case

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