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Berlusconi, Who Led Italy for 9 Years, Dies of Leukemia

Berlusconi, Who Led Italy for 9 Years, Dies of Leukemia

Berlusconi, Who Led Italy for 9 Years, Dies of Leukemia

Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, who overcame sex scandals and corruption allegations, passed away at the age of 86.

At Milan’s San Raffaele hospital, he passed away. He received treatment in April for a lung infection connected to leukemia.

According to Italy’s defense minister, Berlusconi’s passing leaves a “huge void”. A flamboyant media mogul worth $1 billion, he entered politics for the first time in 1994.

Up until 2011, he served as the head of four different administrations, making him Italy’s longest-serving prime minister.

Under the leadership of the right-wing Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Berlusconi’s center-right Forza Italia party formed a government in September.

Ms. Meloni described her predecessor as a “fighter” in response to the news. She claimed he was still “one of the most influential men in the history of Italy” in a video message.

Matteo Salvini, her deputy, expressed his “brokenness” and expressed gratitude to Berlusconi for his “friendship,” “advice,” and “generosity.”

Peter Marcello Birro gives tribute to Berlusconi through posted a tweet:

Guido Crosetto, Italy’s minister of defense, remarked: “An era is over… Farewell Silvio.” He left a “huge void” after passing away, Mr. Crosetto wrote in a tweet.

Vladimir Putin, who referred to Berlusconi as a “true friend,” was another person to offer tribute. The Russian President claimed in a statement that he had always respected Berlusconi’s “wisdom” and “ability to make balanced, long-term decisions.”

Doctors at San Raffaele reported in April that the former Italian president had been afflicted with chronic myelomonocyte leukemia, a rare kind of blood cancer.

He repeatedly experienced health issues after getting Covid in 2020. The particular cause of death has not been officially confirmed as of yet.

From Vacuum Cleaner Salesman to Prime Minister

Berlusconi, who was born in Milan in 1936, started his career selling vacuum cleaners before founding a construction business.

He later rose to prominence as one of Italy’s wealthiest men, establishing a commercial empire that comprised publishing houses, advertising firms, and television networks.

Additionally, he attained global prominence as the owner of the storied football team AC Milan, which he prevented from going bankrupt in 1986, before entering politics in the 1990s.

Berlusconi was recalled as a “loyal, intelligent, sincere man” by current Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti, a former player and manager of AC Milan.

In case you’re interested, here are some additional pieces from the California Examiner:

Ancelotti, who twice won the Champions League with AC Milan while it was owned by Berlusconi, said the former prime minister had played a crucial role in his development “first as a football player, and then as a coach.”

Political polarizer Berlusconi was. His economic savvy and populist fervor won him admirers, but his contempt for the law earned him scorn from others.

He encountered a number of legal issues throughout his political career, including accusations of bribery, tax fraud, and having sex with a minor prostitute. Despite being repeatedly found guilty, he was spared jail time due to his advanced age and the passing of the statutes of limitations.

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