Who Was Betty White Husband Allen Ludden? Betty White And Allen Ludden’s Relationship Timeline From 1961

From 1963 until his death in 1981, Betty White Husband was actor Allen Ludden. The whole history of their union is presented below. in this article, we will read about Who was Betty White Husband Allen Ludden?

1961: Betty White And Allen Ludden Confer

While appearing as a guest on the third week of the game show Password, Betty White met her third and final husband, game show host Allen Ludden.

White had already been married twice before, but both marriages ended in divorce. She reflected on their “love affair” by telling the Archive of American Television, “We felt like we knew one other.”

Ludden, who had three children from a previous marriage, was described by White as “the most real man I’ve ever known” in an interview with PEOPLE magazine. “His energy was the first thing that drew me to him. In everything, he was interested.”

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1963: Betty White And Betty White Husband Allen Ludden’s Engagement

White, who was not in the mood for remarriage at the time, recalled to PEOPLE that Ludden offered marriage within weeks of their meeting, “simply as a joke.” “But he wouldn’t let up,” White said. He wore the diamond he had intended to give her as a wedding ring around his neck when she turned it down (“Oh, I was a bitch!”).

On Easter of 1963, she gave in. She recalled that he had sent her “this wonderful fluffy white plush bunny” with “gold leaves with ruby, diamond, and sapphire earrings” in its ears. They tied the knot the same year.

“I wasted all the time we could have been together,” she said.

After Only 17 Years Of Marriage, Ludden Passed Away In 1981

The 1970s: Betty White And Allen Ludden Still Act ‘like Newlyweds’

Producer Lin Bolen (not seen) remarked in the 1970s, “They’re like newlyweds.” They have a system of calling each other from their locker rooms when they are separated during the workday.

White’s friend Johnny Carson even made a comment about how similar their relationship was to his own, expressing his admiration for the couple.

White reminisced to PEOPLE about their conversation with Carson, saying, “After [Johnny] and Alex [Maas] tied the knot in 1987, one of the sweetest things that could have happened did. He reached over, grasped my hand during an intermission, and said, “I know what you had [with Allen].”

I did it; I did it, and now I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience.”

1986: Betty White Says Her Relationship With Allen Ludden Is Reflected On ‘Golden Girls

White said in 1986 to The Washington Post, “The way my part is written, Charlie and Rose apparently had a lovely marriage.” This was in reference to her character on Golden Girls and her character’s late spouse. “When I think of Charlie, I automatically think of Allen. Art imitating life if you will.”

1988: Allen Ludden Gets Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Next To Betty White

On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, both White and Ludden have permanent star placements next to each other. At the 1988 ceremony commemorating Ludden’s star, an emotional White said, “I cannot convey what this day means to me.”

“It wouldn’t surprise me if our stars were playing around in the early hours of the morning.”

2011: Betty White Discussed Why She Never Remarried Following Allen Ludden’s Passing

White told Anderson Cooper in 2011 why she had never remarried: “My life was complete; I was in love. Once you’ve tasted the greatest, nothing else will do.”

“White’s friend Carol Burnett told PEOPLE, “They loved each other so dearly. There was a time when Betty would come in and rehearse my show and then leave to go to the hospital to be with Ludden as he fought stomach cancer. She kept her cool and got it done, as clever as ever.”

2012: Betty White Expressed Gratitude To God For The Timing Of Her Marriage To Allen Ludden

White stated of marriage in a 2012 CNN interview, “I just wasn’t about to take another chance.” “Next thing I knew, I was wondering if I could go on without this man for the rest of my life. It’s a good thing that we tied the knot when we did.”

Betty White HusbandSource: Popsugar

As their romance progressed, the pair kept up with their weekly date night. “Even when he was in a meeting, he’d phone me and ask, “You want to go out to dinner?” So, you’re interested in going on a date, huh?” White reflected PEOPLE on what he remembered.

Then she went on, “As for me, I’d be the first to say “Sure.” Going out to dinner meant he’d pick up a chicken to grill on the way home. We’d have a BBQ, listen to records, and party the night away. We had fun together.”

December 2021: Betty White’s Assistant Discusses The Ways In Which She Remembers Allen Ludden

White’s former executive personal assistant Kiersten Mikelas said, “She keeps a photo of him on her bedside table and blows him a kiss every morning.”

She blows a kiss to him in the night sky every time she opens the blinds.

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