Black Bear Attacks 10-year-old Child In Connecticut

A black bear weighing over 250 pounds assaulted a 10-year-old child at his grandparents’ house in Connecticut, but the youngster is doing well now.

It was approximately 11 a.m. when the youngster was assaulted. The Connecticut DEEP reported in a statement to USA TODAY that the incident happened on Sunday in the western hamlet of Morris.

 Black Bear Attacks 10-year-old Child In Connecticut

Black Bear Attacks 10-year-old Child In Connecticut

The boy’s grandpa, James Butler, spoke to the Republican-American of Waterbury and said that his grandson had been playing near a trampoline when a bear appeared from the woods behind the home and attacked.

He yelled “bear,” and when Butler glanced up, he saw the bear attempting to pull the man across the yard.

According to the publication, a wheelchair-using man named Butler rolled up to the bear and hurled a metal bar at the animal’s head.

The bear let go of the youngster, but then re-grabbed him and tried to turn him onto his back, the grandpa added.

According to Butler, a nearby resident heard the youngster screaming and rushed over, shouting and waving a pipe to drive the bear away.

The bear re-appeared after Butler and his grandson had entered the home, Butler claimed, and it had climbed a wheelchair ramp to peek in at them through the screen door.

Although the child’s injuries did not seem to be life-threatening, he was transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment. According to Butler, his grandson was bitten on the foot and ankle and had claw marks on his back in addition to the puncture wound on his thigh.

Police from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Conservation shot and killed the bear when they arrived on the scene.

On Monday afternoon, DEEP will provide an update on the situation.


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