Black Mirror Season 6: Potential Release Date, Story, Cast And Trailer Of Much Awaited Series

Charlie Brooker’s anthology sci-fi series has been showing us the worst things that could happen because of technology for ten years. From the dangers of social media to getting chased by robot dogs, Black Mirror has shown us the dangers of modern life in a very entertaining way.

A few years have passed since the fifth season was added to Netflix’s streaming service. Before that, Brooker fed us a steady diet of dark, weird science fiction, releasing new seasons or specials every year. In fact, this is the longest time since Black Mirror moved from Channel 4 to Netflix a year ago and no new episodes have been released.

There isn’t much information right now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any, and there is reason to be excited. Well, maybe “excitement” isn’t the right word when looking at how technology makes us worse, but we are looking forward to it. So, here is what we know about when Black Mirror season 6 might come out.


Variety said that there would be a sixth season of “Black Mirror,” but they didn’t say much else about it. Even though we don’t know what the episodes will be about, we can expect the next season to be more “cinematic,” with each episode being treated like a movie.

This is pretty similar to how the anthology series worked before it moved to Netflix, where episodes often ran longer than 60 minutes and bragged about their high production value. As for how long the season will be, it is likely to be longer than the fifth (which only included three episodes).

We can only guess about the plot. Charlie Brooker said what we all thought after the fifth season: who could watch a new season of “Black Mirror” when we’re basically living through an episode? He told the Radio Times in the UK:

“I don’t know if people would be interested in stories about societies falling apart right now, so I’m not working on one. I kind of want to use my comedy skills again, so I’ve been writing scripts that are meant to make me laugh.”

So, was he able to use the pain he felt over the past few years to write more scripts? Or could this season be very different from the ones before? It’s also possible that the next season won’t be written by Brooker. Also, read about Bachelor In Paradise Season 8

Only time will tell, but for now, it seems like the long break could lead to very good things. Both the audience and the people who make “Black Mirror” has been away for a while, which has given the show plenty of time to break out of its usual pattern and try new things.

Black Mirror Season 6 Cast

The cast of “Black Mirror” has always been a very important part of the show’s success. The anthology tends to catch actors just before they become very popular, or else it attracts big names and gives them work that is worthy of their talents.

Black Mirror Season 6

So far, it looks like the sixth season will keep going in the same direction, as a number of exciting performers have already been announced.

In July 2022, Variety announced that Zazie Beetz (“Bullet Train,” “Atlanta”), Paapa Essiedu (“Men”), Josh Hartnett (“Oppenheimer”), Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad,” “Dual”), Kate Mara (“Call Jane,” “A Teacher”), Danny Ramirez (“Top Gun Maverick”), Clara Ruggaard (“Press Play”), Auden Thornton (“This Is Us”), and Anjana Vasan (” (“Killing Eve”).

Rob Delaney (“Catastrophe,” “Deadpool 2”), “Industry” breakout Myha’la Herrold, and Rory Culkin were later added to the cast (of “Signs” fame). Variety reports that Salma Hayek (“The Eternals”) and Annie Murphy (“Schitt’s Creek”) are “in talks” to join the new season’s cast.

On the production side, nothing has been set in stone yet. Charlie Brooker not only made “Black Mirror,” but he also wrote 23 of its 24 episodes, so it’s likely that he’ll keep working with Netflix on the show. But as of right now, the Variety report didn’t say anything about who would write or direct season 6.

Potential Release Date

Brooker co-created the show and writes most of the episodes. He told Radio Times that for a while he was more interested in comedy.

He said, “Right now, I don’t know how people would feel about stories about societies falling apart, so I’m not working on one.” “I’d like to use my comedy skills again, so I’ve been writing scripts that are meant to make me laugh.”

In December of that same year, he made Death to 2020, a fake Netflix documentary about the troubled year 2020. Production rights are in a tough spot right now, even if Brooker isn’t interested. Also, read about Little Demon Season 2

Brooker and Annabel Jones, who helped create and run Black Mirror, started their own production company, Broke, and Bones, in July 2020. Black Mirror was made when they were known as House of Tomorrow, which was a division of Endemol Shine.

The show is still owned by Endemol Shine, but Netflix now has an exclusive deal with Broke and Bones. So, if everyone wants more Black Mirror, they have to agree, which means it might be a while before we hear anything substantial.

Black Mirror Season 6 Trailer

We don’t even have a graphic, a working title, or a teaser for Black Mirror. So far, Netflix’s Black Mirror hasn’t done much to turn things around. Just a few weeks before the third, fourth, and fifth seasons came out, trailers and release dates were made public.

The worst case of this is the experimental spin-off story game Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which was announced the day before it went live on Netflix. The way things look, we’ll see a trailer when we see a trailer, and when that happens, the full movie won’t be far behind.

Where To Watch

You can play Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and watch all five seasons of Black Mirror on Netflix. Even though “White Christmas” was made as a one-time special, it is part of season 2 of the service. This makes it easy to watch old episodes while we wait for new ones.

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