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Blanket Jackson Net Worth: Jackson Paid $2.6 Million for a Home in Calabasas

Blanket Jackson Net Worth

Blanket Jackson Net Worth

Musician Blanket Jackson. He is currently one of the most promising students. All the information we have on this Student is documented.

Do you consider yourself the ultimate Michael Jackson II fan? Interested in learning more about him? Prince Michael Jackson II’s age, wealth, stature, affairs, and academic background are all listed below. Continue reading the following paragraph.

Blanket Jackson Net Worth

Bigi Jackson, formerly known as Blanket Jackson, is a 100 million-dollar man. Blanket Jackson is the third child of Michael Jackson, the late music legend. In 2013, he worked as an associate producer on the movie “Kingdom Come.” In 2015, he officially changed his name from Blanket to Bigi.

In his will, Michael Jackson left 40 percent of his estate to his three children. The remaining 40% was left to care for his mother, Katherine, and the remaining 20% was distributed to various children’s charities. If Michael were to pass away before Katherine, his three children would inherit the remaining 80% of the estate.

Michael’s estate actually had debts of $500 million at the time of his death. Thankfully, the Jackson estate has generated over $700 million in royalties, licensing deals, and box office proceeds related to the film “This is It” in the years following Jackson’s death.

The Mystery of Blanket Jackson’s Birth

Michael’s two kids were born to ex-wife Debbie Rowe. His last child, a boy named Blanket, was born out of wedlock. However, there are speculations as to his place of birth. One of them claims to have been born via surrogate, but no one has ever seen his birth mother.

Helena, a nurse from Mexico, is her name, according to some other sources. Helena is rumored to have donated her egg and Jackson to have donated his sperm for in vitro fertilization. This means that the late pop star Jackson is the biological father of Blanket.

Michael chose Helena because Debbie couldn’t get pregnant again because of some health problems she had after Paris was born. People say that Michael thought about the surrogate mother’s skin color and the fact that she is an American when he chose her.

Jackson also had to do a full background check on her. He looked at her pictures and thought about what he knew about her family. From what I’ve heard, she was paid $20,000 and given expensive gifts. She was also forced to sign a contract that gave Jackson all rights to the child.

Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, has been taking care of all three of her son’s children. With Katherine’s permission, Michael’s brother Tito’s son TJ Jackson became a co-custodian of the kids in 2012. Due to Katherine’s age and the fact that Blanket is now a teenager and no longer a child, TJ was given full guardianship of both children.

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Blanket Jackson’s Real Estate

In 2020, Jackson paid $2.6 million for a 6,382-square-foot home in Calabasas, California. The home includes six bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms, and it’s located in a guard-gated community.

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