Blind Frog Ranch Real Or Fake: Who is Duane Ollinger from ‘Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’?

Is it a sham that Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch takes place at a real ranch? Skeptic audiences have shared their thoughts on the Discovery Channel series on Reddit. Is Blind Frog Ranch Real Or Fake?

Yet another year of exciting television has begun, but some aren’t exactly convinced of the reality of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch.

The series premiered on Saturday, January 2nd, 2021, and followed Duane Ollinger and his son Chad as they searched for buried treasure.

The family bought a massive 160-acre tract of land in Utah known as Blind Frog Ranch, convinced that riches were lying beneath the surface.

The Ollinger family is risking it all in the hopes of making it big at Blind Frog Ranch, despite the fact that the place has been the subject of urban legends and warnings about ghosts for decades.

Some have speculated since its broadcast that Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch was staged; however, is this theory grounded in reality?

Blind Frog Ranch Real Or Fake?

Discovery has had success with shows about treasure hunting, but some viewers believe Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is less genuine than the precious metals that Duane is seeking.

There is a popular Reddit post criticizing how the excavations seem “manufactured” and “set up,” even though nobody from the show has openly remarked on the legitimacy of the series.

One Reddit user wondered, “Does anyone know the exact location of this?” “Is it just me, or does everyone else think this show is ridiculous and staged? The nugget and a Spanish coin they claim to have extracted from the same hole are bogus.

This attempt by Discovery Channel to pass off contrived nonsense as truth is annoying. Well, what else is new?”

Some viewers thought the actors sounded too much like themselves.

Others have drawn parallels between Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch and The Curse of Oak Island, a television series on the History Channel. The series has been a rating success for the network since 2014, but there has always been talking that it is somewhat fabricated.

Some viewers of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch may be skeptical, yet the Utah property has a lengthy history of being the location of paranormal activity and housing rare metals.

Who is Duane Ollinger from ‘Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’?

Duane amassed a fortune working as a high-risk oil contractor in Texas before he decided to devote himself to the activities at Blind Frog Ranch.

Legends surrounding the ranch’s history are what piqued Duane’s father’s interest in the land. One is that the Aztecs were already mining the area when the Spanish conquistadors discovered gold there. Some of the gold was even taken by Mormons, so they could mint their currency.

Blind Frog Ranch Real Or FakeSource: Las Vegas Optic

A third theory proposes the presence of a hidden spacecraft.

Duane believes he is on the verge of discovering treasure after exploring a network of caves below the surface, but the villagers insist that the region is cursed. That’s why nobody has been able to find the supposed wealth so far.

Duane is aware of the curse, but that doesn’t mean he will let it deter him.

“The stories I’ve heard from locals about hidden wealth seem plausible. It’s either Aztec or Spanish gold, “In January of 2021, Duane disclosed to Soapbox. “The satellite scan data I’ve seen only corroborates my suspicion that the tunnels are oozing with gold.”

You’ll have to tune in to find out if Duane and Chad find anything noteworthy at the Blind Frog Ranch.

On Fridays at 10 p.m. ET, Discovery airs Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch. Discovery+ subscribers can also watch the show online.

Duane Ollinger talks Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch

Duane’s father was the one who originally bought the farm, and he recently corresponded with Hollywood Soapbox about the show Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch.

In response to whether or not he had any reservations about turning his efforts into a series, he said:

Extremely reticent. I had recently parted ways with my house and business to take my family on a trip, so this chance came at the perfect time. I’ve always been down to assist my dad, but after watching a few reality shows, I don’t see myself doing that. The Discovery Channel’s coverage convinced me it was safe to try.

I believe the rumors of hidden treasure that I have heard from the people,” he remarked, indicating his confidence in what he expects to unearth. It was either the Spanish or the Aztecs’ gold. The satellite scans I’ve seen only corroborate my suspicion that the caverns emit a golden glow.

While discussing the possibility of finding nothing, he elaborated, “Since we are putting so much time and work into this endeavor, it would undoubtedly be a bummer not to uncover the treasure.”

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