Bodies Discovered In An Apartment Building Are Thought To Be Those Of Three Michigan Rappers Who Had Been Missing For Almost Two Weeks

According to a representative for the city of Highland Park, three remains discovered Thursday in the Detroit region are thought to belong to three rappers who had been missing for about two weeks.

According to LaKisha Brown, a spokesperson for Highland Park, the remains were discovered there, approximately 6 miles northwest of Detroit.

The bodies’ identities have not been officially confirmed by Michigan State Police, who are in charge of the investigation. According to reports on Thursday night, victims were discovered in an abandoned Highland Park apartment building.

As of this now, neither the name of any individuals inside nor the manner of their deaths have been established, according to tweets from Michigan State Police Second District authorities. “Please keep in mind that every victim has a family, and that we do not have the luxury of speculating on their identity and then retracting if we are incorrect. We’ll update (on Twitter) as soon as the information is verified.

According to state police, the investigating team at the facility included members of their homicide task force, troopers, and forensic lab staff.

State police reported Thursday night that forensic experts from the lab were entering the structure and starting to gather evidence. “The building is in extremely bad shape, and rats are inside, which is slowing down progress.”

On January 21, three associates—Armani Kelly, 28, Dante Wicker, 31, and Montoya Givens, 31—were scheduled to perform at a club in Detroit, but the event was postponed, according to authorities. According to investigators, they ceased using their cell phones early on January 22.

A car associated with at least one of the three was discovered on January 23 in Warren, a community only a few miles from Highland Park, according to Detroit police.

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