Body of Missing Soap Opera Star Found in Suitcase Buried in Backyard

The body of Jefferson Machado, a Brazilian soap opera star who went missing, was found in a trunk that had been dumped outside a house in Rio de Janeiro.

The family’s lawyer wrote on Facebook that the actor, who was 44 years old and best known for his part in Reis, had died.

Lawyer Jairo Magalhaes Advogados said in a statement, “It is with sadness that I tell you that actor Jeff Machado has died. His body was found with signs of strangulation.”

On May 22, his body was found in the backyard of a house in the Campo Grande area. It was in a wooden box that had been filled with concrete and buried 6 feet deep.

The lawyer told R7 News that his arms were tied behind his head and he was buried in a trunk that looked a lot like the ones in his own house.

The lawyer said that fingerprints were used to find the body.

Machado’s body parts were found in a house that belonged to a woman who had rented it to a friend of the star. The police have named the tenant as a suspect, but no arrests have been made yet.

Investigators dug through the concrete floor to find the wooden box, which they then dug up with the help of six people, as seen on police video.

The tweet below verifies the news:

According to the New York Post, a family friend named Cintia Hilsendeger wrote on the actor’s Instagram account, “Jefferson was coldly and brutally killed by envious, evil, and, of course, shady people.”

The last time he was seen was on January 27. Maria Das Dores, his 73-year-old mother, said that she talked to her son two days later, on January 29. The star told her that he had gone to Sao Paulo for a job interview.

When the actor’s family got text messages from someone they thought was pretending to be him, they became suspicious. Ms. Dores said that it didn’t sound like her son and that there were a lot of spelling mistakes in the texts.

She also stopped getting calls from her son, which the accused impersonator said was because he “dropped his cell phone in the toilet.”

When Jefferson’s iCloud password was changed and his location was turned off, it made his family worry.

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After his eight dogs were found abandoned at his Rio de Janeiro home on February 9, the government said that Jefferson was officially missing.

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