The Dadeville Mass Murder Suspects Were Denied Bail

A judge has agreed with the state’s request that the suspects in the Dadeville mass killing not be given bail. Judge Clayton Taylor said on Wednesday that Travis and Tyreese McCullough, two of the six suspects in the case, would not be allowed to get bond.

Five of the six suspects had an Aniah’s Law hearing on Tuesday. Johnny Brown, Willie Brown, and Hill were held in a regular court, but because of their ages, the McCullough brothers had a “closed-door” hearing.  The sixth suspect, a 15-year-old who hasn’t been named, was also refused bail, but that was decided at a different hearing.

“The State intends to file a motion to transfer him from juvenile court to be tried as an adult,” said District Attorney Michael Segrest. “The juvenile court will have to hold a hearing to decide whether to transfer. Under the law, the 16 and 17 year olds, although still juveniles, are automatically transferred when charged.”

Bond Denied for Suspects in Dadeville
Bond Denied for Suspects in Dadeville

An Aniah’s Law Hearing is meant to keep dangerous criminals from getting bail when they are accused of crimes like murder or trafficking people. One of the three witnesses for the state was State Bureau of Investigations Lead Case, Agent Jesse Thornton.

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He talked about how he got to the scene and how the evidence was gathered. He said that in his 18 years with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, he had never seen anything this big. On Saturday, April 16, the killing happened inside the Mahogany Dance Studio.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency found 89 shell casings from seven different guns with four different calibers. During the shooting, four people died and 32 others were hurt. ALEA’s Fusion Center has also worked with the FBI Mobile Office to set up a digital tip line for videos and photos connected to the incident.

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