Boston Police Officer Shot Many Times Approaching Robbery, Suspect in Arrest

The Boston Police Commissioner, Michael Cox, said that a Boston Police Officer was shot while on patrol near Clifford Park in Roxbury late Friday night.

Boston 25 was told by police sources that the cop was hit in the foot and the back.

Cox says that the officer went to the area of 44 Cedric Street to stop a “robbery in progress” when the armed suspect shot the officer several times.

Cox said that two other police officers were hurt, but not by gunshots.

“This just shows how hard our officers have to work every day,” Cox said at a news briefing. “It’s just so sad that things like this happen in the world today.”

Cox said that the cop was taken to Boston Medical Center with injuries that were not life-threatening. He or she is expected to be fine.

Outside the emergency room, Commissioner Cox was joined by the mayor of Boston, Michelle Wu, and the district attorney of Suffolk County, Michael Hayden.

Wu said, “We see over and over again how lucky Boston is to have first responders who are so well-trained professionals and keep us safe every single day.”

Michael Hayden, the Suffolk County DA, said that the Boston police officer also worked for the DA’s office.

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Police didn’t say right away what the name of the cop who was shot was.

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