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Both Injured Decatur Police Officers Have Been Discharged

Both Injured Decatur Police Officers Have Been Discharged

Both Injured Decatur Police Officers Have Been Discharged

The two Decatur police officers who were wounded on Wednesday during a traffic check have already been discharged from the hospital.

During a traffic check early on Wednesday morning, a gunfight occurred, leaving one suspect dead and two police officers injured.

Both Injured Decatur Police Officers Have Been Discharged

At 12:48 a.m. on Wednesday, Decatur Memorial Hospital confirmed the death of the suspect, Jamontey O. Neal, 32.

Officers pulled over a vehicle around 12:30 a.m. on E. Walnut Street. There were gunshots heard during the halt.

Neal, the alleged driver, was reportedly told to expose his hands by police. They claimed Neal refused to cooperate and that an officer saw what appeared to be a firearm in the car.

The DPD claims that this is when the cops attempted to take Neal from the car.

That’s when Neal allegedly pulled out a revolver and started firing at the police, wounding many of them, according to the report. According to DPD, this prompted a retaliatory shot from the cops.

According to the police, Neal shot at the cops again, prompting a second round of gunfire from the policemen.

One Decatur police officer was shot numerous times, while another was shot once during the gunfight. Neal took a series of blows.

Neal will have an autopsy done on Thursday.

The wounded officers were taken to DMH by their fellow comrades. At least one officer from the Denver Police Department is doing OK. The second DPD officer was seriously injured and had surgery; his condition is now stable.

Three policemen from the Dallas Police Department and one from the Macon County Sheriff’s Office fired their guns.

The inquiry has been turned over to the Illinois State Police.

It is usual operating practice to put the concerned DPD officers on Administrative Leave.

Two different kinds of cameras, worn by officers and installed in patrol cars, caught the encounter on tape. In an effort to be “transparent,” the Decatur Police Department has promised to make the tapes public shortly.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the deceased whenever there is a loss of life,” DPD added. “We also feel terrible for our police officers, who were just doing their jobs and attempting to stop violent criminals when they were attacked. The families and friends of our police officers are in our thoughts and prayers.”

If and when more information becomes available, WAND will add it to this report.

Decatur has now had two police officers shot this year. In January, a another law enforcement officer was shot while on the run. That encounter resulted in facial and shoulder injuries for the police officer.


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