Boulder Officer’s Heroic Act Disarming Suspect and Discovering Drugs, Weapons, and Cash

According to Boulder police, an officer disarmed a suspect after finding drugs, firearms, and other items on the scene.

A man was first reported sleeping in front of a door on a second-floor building. The man, who was allegedly recognized from prior episodes, was gently awakened by an officer who also discovered that an arrest warrant had been issued for him.

The officer was reportedly standing a few steps away when the suspect yanked out a revolver from his coat pocket. As backup was requested, the cop quickly snatched the gun and handcuffed the suspect.

The tweet below confirms the news:

The man apparently said the pistol was broken and he was handing it to the officer, but it turned out to be a BB gun.

The following were discovered during the officer’s search of the suspect:

• 12.80 grams of fentanyl-containing M-30 tablets.

• 12.94 grams of the category II drug methylphenidate, which was prescribed.

• A scale with a sheet of paper inside that has phone numbers

• Four knives, one of which contains crushed M-30 remnants

• Six baseball cards signed by collectors

• A purse holding valuables for both men and women as well as foreign currency

• Ten timepieces costing above $10,000

• 4 mobile phones

• A silver 9mm ammunition-accepting magazine

• There were over 100 gift cards, and 38 of them bore a name or a price.

• One Texas driver’s license and five RTD transit passes

Charges of felony distribution-level 2 drugs, felony special offender-level 1 drug, and a failure to appear felony warrant for dangerous substances led to the arrest of the suspect.

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