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Brad William Henke Cause of Death: Did The NFL Star Die From SADS Covid Vaccine?

Brad William Henke Cause of Death

Brad William Henke Cause of Death

Henke, a 6’3″ linebacker, was chosen by the New York Giants in the 1989 NFL Draft, although he was ultimately signed by the Denver Broncos after failing to make the Giants’ roster. He represented them in each of the three postseason contests and ultimately the Super Bowl XXIV.

Brad William Henke, a former NFL defensive lineman and actor, passed away on November 29, 2022, at the age of 56. Following his passing, anti-vaccine activists flooded the internet with claims that the SADS Covid Vaccine was to blame.

Brad William Henke Cause of Death

Anti-vaxxers started speculating about the cause of Brad William Henke death by attributing it to the Covid vaccine as soon as it was reported. Anti-vaccination extremists seem to have made it a ritual to blame any vaccine—most recently, the recently mandated Covid vaccine—for the untimely sickness or death of a celebrity.

There is no evidence between Henke’s demise and the vaccine. Henke has previously been candid about his many health issues, including being told he had an artery with a 90% blockage for which stents had to be put in. According to reports, he had a golf ball-sized tumor on his pancreas removed.

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He died quietly in his sleep, according to information provided by his family and his agent, Sheree Cohen, at the time of his passing. His wife Sonya, mother Tammy, sister Annette, sister-in-law Aaden and Leasa, and granddaughter Amirah all survive him.

A tweet at the time of his death:

The cause of Brad William Henke’s death was not discussed by his family or representatives. The allegations raised against the Covid-19 vaccination, however, are irrelevant because it is unclear whether he received it.

Brad Numerous health problems William Henke had to deal with throughout his life are to blame for his passing. Henke’s family recalls him for his enormous acting talent and large heart; he appeared in more than 40 movies.

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