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Britney Spears Net Worth In 2022

Britney Spears Net Worth

Britney Spears Net Worth

Early Life

Britney Spears got her start in the entertainment industry as a young actor in stage and television plays. When Spears tried out for a role in a revival of The Mickey Mouse Club, he was denied because he was too young. After signing with a New York City talent agency, Spears landed a role in The Mickey Mouse Club, in which she appeared in December 1992. “Baby One More Time,” her debut studio album, debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart in the United States in 1999. RIAA certified the album two-time platinum after a month’s worth of sales. Billboard’s Hot 100 ranked it as the fastest-selling female artist song of all time after “Baby One More Time” sold 500,000 copies on its first day.

Many of Spears’ successes from her later albums, like “Oops!… I Did It Again,” “I’m a Slave 4 U,” and more, are well-known. Crossroads, the 2002 film in which Spears had a prominent part, was her first foray into acting. Her reality show with then-husband Kevin Federline, Britney & Kevin: Chaotic, aired in 2005. As well to several appearances on television, Spears has also designed a capsule wardrobe for Candies.

Spears joined The X Factor’s panel of judges in 2012 as a judge. She was the highest-paid judge on a singing competition show in television history at the time, earning $15 million annually.

Her ninth album will be out in 2020. One more time, from the year 1999’s To 2000, there was an Oops! That Was Another Faux Pas, Britney from 2001, In the Zone from 2003, Blackout from 2007, Circus from 2008, Femme Fatale from 2011, Britney Jean from 2013, and Glory from 2016 are just a few examples.

The Umbrella Incident and Mental Health Issues

Britney was going through a rough patch in late 2007 if you recall. The photographers were always after her. For more than a decade, she had been a household name. She was a new mother. In her early twenties. With Kevin Federline, she was embroiled in a bitter custody fight. A judge ruled that she was a “habitual, frequent, and persistent use of controlled narcotics and alcohol,” and thus lost custody of her children. For a while, she was completely out of it. Her father placed her in a conservatorship. In retrospect, many felt it was the end of the story. Despite her best efforts, the Pop Princess was unable to stand on her own two feet. Everybody was shocked when Britney staged a tremendous comeback and today she is better than ever.

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Las Vegas Residency

For a residency concert at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Britney agreed to a $30 million contract in 2013. She agreed to do 100 gigs in two years as part of the contract. The contract for her “Piece of Me” exhibition has been extended for another year. Britney Spears’ four-year residency in Las Vegas revived her career, finances, and reputation. She played 250 gigs at Planet Hollywood during her residency. Britney: Piece of Me was Spears’ farewell show, and it took place on December 31st, 2017. She reportedly made $1.172 million at her final concert in her Las Vegas residency, beating Jennifer Lopez’s previous box office record for a single act in Las Vegas.

Canceled Residency and Work Hiatus

At a press conference on October 18th, Spears announced Britney: Domination, her second Las Vegas residency show, which was scheduled to open on February 13th, 2019 in the Park Theatre at Park MGM. For each show, Spears was slated to earn $507,000, making her the highest-paid performer on the Vegas Strip. However, when her father, Jamie Spears, suffered a near-fatal colon rupture in early January 2019, she abruptly called off the residency. To spend time with her family, Spears’ management team stated that she would be taking a break from the music business indefinitely.

Real Estate

Britney Spears has owned a variety of residences in the United States over the years, most of them in the Los Angeles region. Real estate assets belonging to her are listed in the following table:

Westlake Village

Britney Spears paid $6.7 million for a mansion in Westlake Village, a Los Angeles suburb, in 2012. In 2017, she sold it for $7 million.

It was in Westlake Village, California, where Britney spent $7.5 million for a 21-acre property in 2015. Sylvester Stallone constructed and named White Stallion Ranch, the neighborhood where the house is located. Infinity pool, pool house, tennis court, three-hole golf course, and wine cellar with space for 4,000 bottles are all included in the property’s 12,500 square-foot mansion. This house is now worth at least 10 million dollars today.

Hollywood Hills

Britney paid an undisclosed sum for a Hollywood Hills property in 2001 when she was just 19 years old. The actress Brittany Murphy purchased this house from her in 2003. In 2009, the body of Brittany Murphy was recovered in this house.


For a Malibu property in 2004, Britney shelled out a whopping $6.3 million. In October 2004, she and Kevin Federline exchanged vows at this residence. Britney put this house on the market for $13.5 million in January 2007. For $10 million, she sold the house in August of that year.

Beverly Hills

Britney bought a $6.75 million Beverly Hills property in 2006 after her breakup with Federline. After putting the house on the market in 2010 for $5.5 million, she sold it in 2012 for $4.2 million, resulting in a $2.5 million loss.

Kentwood, Louisiana

Britney Spears purchased a 7.4-acre property in Kentwood, Louisiana for $29,362 when she was 18 years old, right as her fame was exploding. “Serenity” was the name she gave to the 6,500-square-foot home she built. It’s no secret that Britney’s mother still calls Los Angeles home.