Bryan Baeumler Net Worth 2022: Do Sarah And Bryan Still Own The Resort?

Bryan Baeumler Net Worth 2022: Host and Businessperson Bryan Baeumler Net Worth 2022 have been the subject of considerable speculation in the wake of his recent success as a Host. To learn more about Bryan Baeumler Net Worth 2022, read this article.

Bryan Baeumler Early Life: Where Was He Raised?

Baeumler spent his childhood summers learning the trade from his father, an aircraft engineer. Baeumler started working as a handyman for his neighbours when he was just 14 years old. He graduated with a double major from UWO’s Bachelor of Arts programme in 1996 (Political Science and Business).

Bryan Baeumler Career: Beginning Of Hosting

Baeumler served as the head of an air-cargo business for Bryan’s construction company from 1995 to 2003. Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations Inc. was created by him after he gained experience in the construction industry.

Baeumler Approved, created by the company in 2011, is a platform for Canadian homeowners to find reliable service providers for their homes. In 2018, HeyBryan hired Baeumler to serve as their official spokesperson. Bryan is a peer-to-peer mobile marketplace software that facilitates communication between homeowners and home-service providers.

Bryan and his wife Sarah purchased a run-down resort in South Andros, Bahamas, in 2017. They spent the next two years renovating the property before opening their new sustainable luxury resort, Caerula Mar Club, in December 2019. Given their proximity to the Bahamas, the Baeumlers responded to Hurricane Dorian by taking relief measures in 2019. Even though their resort was spared direct damage, many of their workers had friends or family in the northern islands who were wiped out.

Baeumler has hosted numerous programmes, such as Disaster DIY, Disaster DIY: Cottage Edition, Leave It to Bryan, House of Bryan, Bryan Inc., and the Island of Bryan. Along with Mike Holmes and Scott McGillivray, he serves as a judge on Canada’s Handyman Challenge, a show on HGTV. Bryan Baeumler and his wife, Sarah Baeumler, are the main characters in their HGTV Canada show Bryan Inc.

HGTV Canada’s Disaster DIY is a show about “Do-It-Yourselfers” who have botched their own home improvements and are in need of hands-on experience. Baeumler plays host, and Craig Goodwill serves as the show’s director. The Greater Toronto Area is the setting for the show’s various construction projects. There were six seasons total, from 2007 to 2011.

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Bryan Baeumler Personal Life: Does He Have Kids?

Bryan Baeumler Personal Life: Does He Have Kids?

Baeumler, his wife, and their children, together with Baeumler’s apprentice Adam, star in the show House of Bryan. The series follows the Baeumlers as they build their ideal home, country cottage, and permanent residence. The 2016 season of this show was the most watched in the history of HGTV Canada. From 2010 through 2015, the show aired.

Byran Baeumler tied the knot with his long-time sweetheart Sarah Baemuler. In 2004, they tied the knot. The four children of Bryan and his wife are named Quintyn Werner, Charlotte Anne, Lincoln Wolfgang, and Josephine Judith. They call a Canadian home they own their own.

Leave It to Bryan

He launched yet another programme. The first episode of “Leave it to Bryan,” hosted by Baeumler and airing on HGTV since January 2012, focused on a home remodelling project in Toronto, Canada. The core idea of the programme is that a homeowner’s top priorities may not always align with the most pressing home repairs. The series originally aired from 2012 to 2017, when it was suspended indefinitely.

It premiered on HGTV Canada in the fall of 2016, when he rebranded House of Byran as Bryan Inc. The show follows Baeumler and his wife as they invest in real estate, make repairs or rebuilds, and resell the homes for a profit. When the first season begins, they have purchased two residences, one for each of them, and Baeumler’s construction crews have begun renovations in preparation for the eventual sale of the renovated homes.

Starting with 2016, this show aired until 2018, when it went on hiatus to make way for the Island of Bryan. Due to the overwhelming popularity of Bryan Inc.’s Renovation Island (Island of Bryan) on HGTV USA, the company was rebranded as Renovation, Inc. in 2020.

He ushered in 2019 with the HGTV Canada debut of Island of Bryan on April 7th. The Baeumler family, who have lived in the Bahamas for 50 years, are the show’s focus as they restore a run-down hotel. Because of the resort’s distant location, supplies were delivered once a week and not usually on the same day. For the duration of the resort’s refurbishment, the family also made it their home. Season one of the show premiered in 2019. In June 2020, the show was rebranded by HGTV U.S. as Renovation Island.

Participation From Third Parties

The number of guest appearances Bryan has made is quite high. On Canada’s Handyman Challenge, Bryan judged. On Deck Wars, he also served as a judge. On the hit HGTV show Home to Win, Bryan appeared as a special guest builder.


Disaster DIY’s Baeumler was recognised as 2008’s “Best Host in a Lifestyle/Practical Information or Performing Arts Program or Series” by the Canadian Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Bryan Baeumler Net Worth: How Much Rich He Is?

Net Worth: $20 Million
Date of Birth: Apr 18, 1974 (48 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Presenter
Nationality: Canada

A rough estimate of Bryan Baeumler‘s net worth would be: As of 2022, Bryan Baeumler net worth is roughly $35 million. He makes the most of his money from his own companies and TV shows. Baeumler’s work success has provided him with the means to indulge in fine dining and a fleet of expensive automobiles. A Canadian reality show host, he is among the country’s wealthiest celebrities. To help the average person avoid the typical pitfalls of do-it-yourself projects, Bryan wrote Measure Twice in 2015. However, his wife Sarah Baemuler’s net worth is around $2 million.

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