Burglars in San Francisco, California Are Captured on Camera Breaking Into Parked Vehicles

A California driver followed two suspects in a white Lexus as they allegedly broke into cars and stole from tourists along San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. On Wednesday, a witness filmed a brazen robber, who was wearing a black ski mask and gloves, stepping out of a car with an accomplice and breaking into parked cars in a parallel parking lot.

A viewer filmed the robber getting out of the SUV and peeking inside before sending the footage to KTVU. The thief enters the automobile, searches it, and then returns to their white Lexus car without any stolen goods. The crime spree in the Bay Area continues as the white vehicle is seen on camera making a right turn against a red light.

The eyewitness said to KTVU, “I started following them, and they just didn’t care, obviously, that they were being followed or not, and it kept happening.” The passenger kept jumping out of the car, smashing windows and stealing luggage as the criminals drove several blocks.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Someone was sitting in the back of a car that was being broken into during one event. Someone’s muffled screams can be heard as the suspect smashes the back window and grabs a bag from inside. In another, the burglar is seen taking several bags out of a vacant car.

This is only the latest in a string of brazen thefts in one of the most liberal cities in the United States. Crime, drug abuse, and homelessness have all made headlines recently, and the situation in the city remains dire. San Francisco is already struggling due to its high cost of living and the recent wave of tech industry layoffs.  The city has a huge financial imbalance of $780 million for the next two years.

The downtown area of San Francisco has taken the worst of the damage. Current office vacancy rates sit at around 33% as more people stay at home in the post-COVID era and as some smaller enterprises have closed up shop with a diminished customer base. Fox News Digital’s request for comment from the San Francisco Police Department went unanswered for some time.

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