Burlington Credit Card Login: Is It Worth Having?

Sign up for a Burlington credit card login and shop online to take advantage of tonnes of benefits. Let’s go over the Burlington credit card bonuses, login procedures, payment methods, and application procedures.

Burlington Bonuses For Credit Cards

Since you are aware that every shop credit card has one, let’s start by discussing the sign-up bonus. Get 10% off your first in-store purchase when you sign up for the Burlington card today. The purchase is therefore only valid on the day you join up and must be made in-store rather than online.

You will then earn one point for every dollar you spend on Burlington purchases made with your Burlington credit card.

Credit Card Application For Burlington

Applying for the Burlington credit card is available here. Please be aware that you must fulfil the following requirements. You must be at least 18 years old and possess a legitimate government-issued ID. You also need to have a tax ID and a verified address.

The pre-approval procedure for the Burlington card should be facilitated by a credit score of at least 700.

Burlington Credit Card Login

If you already have the credit card you can follow this simple guide to logging in to your online account.

  1. Start by visiting the comenity.net portal.

2. On the left hand side, you can fill in the username and password fields

3. Click Sign In once you’ve filled both fields

If you’ve entered your information correctly you should now be logged into your online portal.

Burlington Credit Card Payment

You may currently pay off your Burlington credit card using three different methods: online, by mail, and over the phone.


The simplest way to pay is online, so you should take the aforementioned steps to log in and submit your payment. Once you are logged in, you may also set up automated payments to make future management simpler.


Call 1-877-213-6741 or 1-888-819-1918 (TDD/TTY) to make a phone payment. You’ll be able to make a payment eventually if you follow the instructions provided. Please be aware that phone-processed payments may include a little extra fee.


The postal service is the last option for paying with a credit card. Your billing statement will provide the address to which your payment should be sent. Be on the lookout for an email containing this information if you have chosen to receive your statements online.

Are You A Good Fit For The Burlington Credit Card?

A credit card that can be used at any store in Burlington is called the Burlington Credit Card. It features no annual fee and a variable APR of 16.24% to 26.24% for the first 15 months on purchases and balance transfers. Additionally, there is a rewards programme where cardholders may exchange points for burlington gift cards and receive 1 point for every $1 spent on purchases.

Overall, because it offers both savings and rewards, the Burlington Credit Card is a wise choice for anyone who frequently purchase at Burlington. To prevent paying interest, cardholders should remember that the APR is relatively high after the introductory period and should be paid off in full each month.

There are numerous choices for credit cards available today. So how can you tell if getting a retail credit card is the correct decision for you? Here are some things to think about:

Do you frequently visit the same retailer or chain of retailers? If so, a retail credit card can enable you to accumulate benefits like cash back or points that can be used to purchase goods or receive discounts.

Do you regularly carry a balance on your credit cards? If so, you might wish to avoid retail credit cards as they frequently have higher interest rates than other credit card categories.

Do you consistently make full and timely payments on your credit card balances? A retail credit card can be an excellent choice for you if so. Retail credit cards frequently offer benefits like early access to new products and exclusive promotions. You prevent paying interest, make sure to pay off your balance completely each month.

You may determine if a retail credit card is best for you by weighing the benefits and drawbacks of such a card.

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