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Butte County Conviction: Man Sentenced to 80 Years to Life for Child S*x Ab*se and Torture

Butte County Conviction Man Sentenced to 80 Years to Life for Child Sx Abse and Torture

Butte County Conviction Man Sentenced to 80 Years to Life for Child Sx Abse and Torture

According to the district attorney’s office, a Butte County man was found guilty of torturing and inflicting physical and s*xual ab*se on five children and was sentenced to four consecutive life terms as well as two additional non-life offenses.

Robert Chavez, 41, of Magalia, California, was charged with several counts of rape and molestation of four female minors, ages 4 to 16, as well as torturing a 12-year-old boy, according to district attorney Mike Ramsey. Chavez had previously entered a plea of not guilty to these charges.

On Wednesday, he made an appearance in Butte County Superior Court. The victims were two women, Amanda Johnson, 38, and Kelsey Cabrera, 35, who had been previously involved with Chavez in polyamorous relationships.

Officials claim that Chavez, Johnson, and Cabrera cohabitated in a house on Colter Way in Magalia, where both women’s children also resided. On May 24, the mothers are due in court to receive their sentences. They could potentially spend up to 10 years, 8 months behind bars.

Victims Speak Out Against Chavez

Ramsey claimed that during the sentencing, the victims spoke to the judge and Chavez about their experiences. Both the male and female juvenile victims reportedly approached Chavez with scathing remarks.

The other two child victims spoke to the court through their statements as well. One of the victims, according to Ramsey, remarked that Chavez had previously told her that no one would ever believe her if she reported the ab*se, but that after doing so, she was astounded by the outpouring of support.

The tweet below confirms the news:

In a separate case involving a former girlfriend, Chavez had already admitted a count of mayhem. According to Ramsey, the ex-girlfriend who was a victim of the mayhem also read a statement in court during the sentencing that praised the kids.

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When DA investigators approached her, she claimed Chavez had also warned her that no one would ever believe her. However, the children’s willingness to come forward gave her the confidence to do so. She talked about the ab*se she had while dating him before he relocated to Magalia.

Ramsey claimed that Judge Jesus Rodriguez praised the victims for their courage and referred to them as heroes for having the guts to come forward and share their stories. Ramsey concurred that the victims were heroes in their own right and mirrored the judge’s remarks about them.

According to Ramsey, many ab*se victims are reluctant to come forward for fear that no one will believe them or that their perpetrators will retaliate against them. However, unless the ab*se is made public, it cannot be stopped. Ramsey commended Roose and the victim advocates and DA investigators for their persistent efforts to keep Chavez in custody and assist the victims during the legal process.

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