Bystander Shot and Killed Between Two Vehicles

Police in Dallas are looking into a shooting that killed someone on Saturday in the Pleasant Grove area.

The police said they went to the 2100 block of North Masters Drive near Bruton Road at 4:05 p.m. because someone had been shot.

Four people had been shot, and they were taken to a hospital nearby. Ana Moreno, 39, who was one of the people hurt, died from her injuries, cops said.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Michelle Rodriguez, Moreno’s daughter, talked to WFAA on Sunday at a gathering for her mother.

“She’d always… Rodriguez cried, “She was everything you could want in a mother.

Rodriguez said that her mother was shot while she was in the car with her young daughter.

They were on their way to get her dressed for the prom.

“It wasn’t her time, and it wasn’t her turn. And it’s over something stupid. Why do that to someone who has done nothing wrong?” Michelle said through tears.

Investigators think that people in two cars that were going east on Bruton Road were shooting at each other. Police say that one of the shots went into Moreno’s car and hit her.

As of Sunday afternoon, no one had been caught.

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Jacob Faz said that he saw Moreno’s daughter waving a flag for help right after she had been shot. He stopped and felt her heartbeat.

Faz said, “When you see someone’s face and know they’re dead, it’s just…yeah, it stays with you.” “But for me, it doesn’t surprise me any more. You never know when you are here and when you are gone.”

Here, Ana’s family is trying to raise money to help pay for her funeral.

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