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California Family Uses Apple AirTag to Confront Bike Thief at His Doorstep

California Family Uses Apple AirTag to Confront Bike Thief at His Doorstep

California Family Uses Apple AirTag to Confront Bike Thief at His Doorstep

A family in California is grateful for contemporary technology when they installed an Apple AirTag on their pricey electric bike, which allowed them to track the thief down and arrive at his house.

Johnny Ehrman uses her $3,000 e-bike to go to work and school every day. She was shocked to learn that her trustworthy bike had been taken while she was at work.

“I drive like 12 miles a day,” Ehrman told. “I was sobbing outside my workplace. I actually had some of my coworkers be like, ‘What’s happening? Where is your bike?'”

Ehrman said that although the battery had been removed and the pedals and wheel locked, the bike had not been secured to a solid object.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Yet before her e-bike was taken, Ehrman had the forethought to purchase a $29 AirTag and attach the monitoring device to it.

Ehrman spoke to her father, David, after dialing 911. They pulled out her iPhone, looked up the stolen e-bike, and discovered that the AirTag was still in motion.

The e-bike was pursued by David until it came to a halt close to the family’s Orange County apartment building. The guy who tried to take his daughter’s e-bike was “briefly confronted” by him when he went to the precise location of the bike.

“The dude just stood there with the look on his face like I’ve never seen anyone with that look,” the dad said. “I think the look was shock. Like ‘How did you get my location?’”

The identity of the individual who tried to steal the e-bike was withheld by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Residents were urged to let local law enforcement handle the recovery of stolen goods by a Sheriff’s Department official.

“As much as the convenience of technology plays a vital role in the quality of our lives, we want to remind our communities to utilize their local law enforcement services when they’ve been victimized by a crime instead of placing themselves into harm’s way,” the spokesperson said.

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