California Family’s Yard Drama: Dog’s Playtime With Curious Mountain Lion

On Friday, the canine member of a California household surprised its owners by driving away a potentially hazardous intruder. On Friday, a friend of Sandy Ali’s pointed out that her dogs were frolicking in the yard while she hosted bible study at her home in Morada, some 50 miles south of Sacramento, according to KCRA.

My friend looked out and said, ‘Oh, your dogs are playing,’ and I said, ‘I only have one dog,‘” Ali recalled of the conversation. It turned out to be a mountain lion, a creature Ali claimed she had never seen previously in her neighborhood despite living there for many years.

She went outside to see what was wrong and claims to have seen the wild animal climb into a tree in her backyard, where it remained for many hours. She praised the lion’s aesthetics at its vent, saying, “It’s really beautiful.” “With one bound, it had already reached the top of the tree.”

PEOPLE has obtained video of Ali’s dog racing after the lion in the yard, which ends when the big cat runs off and climbs a tree. Ali dialed 911, and the police arrived at her house shortly thereafter, where they waited for the mountain lion to descend from its tree perch.

The tweet below verifies the news:

KCRA stated that the cat eventually jumped from the tree, leaving Ali’s property and landing in an adjacent field. Earlier today (Friday), the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office issued a Twitter (now known as X) advisory informing locals of the encounter and assuring them that the “mountain lion is not aggressive and there is no danger at this time.

The sheriff’s office told the New York Post that the mountain lion was unharmed by its close brush with Ali’s dog. On Saturday, the sheriff’s office updated the situation again, saying that they still hadn’t found the wild animal.

A mountain lion was found in a backyard on La Loma Street in Los Cerritos, and the statement said that deputies and animal services worked until the early morning hours trying to properly trap the lion. Unfortunately, all of our efforts were in vain.

“Remain vigilant” and keep an eye on your dogs, the authorities said. A neighbor of Ali’s told KCRA that seeing a mountain lion “was very surprising” and “very unexpected.”

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