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Accidentally Sold Fuel for $0.69 per Gallon in a California Gas Station

California Gas Station

California Gas Station

In April, a Chattanooga, Tennessee, gas station unintentionally supplied fuel at a gallon price of 45 cents. I honestly didn’t expect this to happen again, given how high gas costs are in the United States right now. However, earlier this week, a petrol station in Northern California made the same mistake.

It cost just 69 cents a gallon to fill up at the Shell station in Rancho Cordova, California. Nice! When the pricing problem occurred in Tennessee, it was due to an incorrect decimal point. The original price per gallon was set at $6.99. There were numerous reports of the problem on social media from both consumers and locals. Darryl Surita, who lives in Sacramento, California, posted a video on Instagram showing him filling up his car. “We had to fight these gas costs somehow 69 cents a gallon I am loving this!” he said as the caption to the photo. Said Surita to Newsweek, “

“I posted [this] on my Instagram and replied to anyone who messaged me. I called my mom and told her, and called my brother and told him too. I thought it was too good to be true until I checked the gas meter in the car and it was full, but I only spent 14 dollars. I filled my car up, left, came back with a second car, filled it up, then left again and came back with my cousin and filled up 150 gallons of a 500-gallon tank. The whole gas station was filled with cars and people with extra gas cans.”