California Guy Claims Meteor Demolished His House After He Heard A Blast

Officials in Nevada County, Northern California, are investigating whether or not a meteorite struck a property on Friday night.

Multiple eyewitnesses reported seeing a big ball of light descend from the sky shortly before the home caught fire.

California Guy Claims Meteor Demolished His House After He Heard A Blast
California Guy Claims Meteor Demolished His House After He Heard A Blast

Nevada County’s undulating hills provide a peaceful setting for cattle to pasture in relative seclusion. In a place where absolutely nothing occurs.

According to meteor victim Dustin Procita, “everyone around here are intergenerational cattle farmers or ranchers.”

“This was sort of a farm cow ranch region and not much surrounding it,” said Penn Valley Fire Department Captain Josh Miller of the area’s wide open expanses.

As of now, Friday evening.

“It sounded like a huge explosion to me. I saw smoke and rushed outside to see my porch entirely engulfed in flames “What Procita had to say.

KCRA reported that about 7:30 p.m., a brilliant orb of light lit up the northern California sky before landing in the midst of nowhere.

When asked what he believed could have struck his home, Procita said, “They say it was a meteor.” “As a youngster, I was fascinated by meteor showers and similar phenomena, but I never wanted one to crash through my roof or fall in my yard. Although I was not directly involved, it seemed to everyone on the ground to be a blazing ball that had fallen from the heavens and landed nearby.”

Hours were spent battling the blaze, and now investigators from the Penn Valley Fire Department and Cal Fire are trying to determine what ignited it.

Cpt. Miller speculated that it was either a meteorite or an asteroid. “Someone told me about it initially, and I thought, “Okay, I’ll file that away somewhere.” Two, three, or four more individuals eventually came in and began discussing what had happened.”

When Procita first saw the footage, he said, “Oh gosh, looks like a flaming basketball coming out of this sky.” As the saying goes, “I count myself very fortunate that it was just 30 feet away from me and not five.”

It’s possible that the chances are in Procita and his wife’s favor as they pick up the remains of their destroyed house.

There is a one in four trillion probability of that happening, so Procita quipped that she could be purchasing a lottery ticket today.

NASA has a single theory to offer. According to them, the southern Taurids meteor showers are occuring right now, with the peak coming this weekend. The number of very brilliant fireballs predicted by astronomers for this year’s shower has been predicted to rise.

Witnesses saw the fireball on Friday night are coming to their own conclusions.


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