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Police Say the Homeless Man Who Struck and Killed One Teen in California is Also Wanted for Stabbing

California Homeless Man Who Plowed Into Teens (1)

California Homeless Man Who Plowed Into Teens (1)

A homeless man is wanted for a series of offenses in many towns in California after he is accused of plowing his truck into a group of kids, killing one of them. Austin Eis, 24, has been charged with various felonies following an incident on Tuesday.

According to a statement released by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, he has been charged with murder, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting a police officer, and brandishing. The authorities suspect that Eis was living in his car while he was homeless.

A vehicle went off the road and flipped over near Westlake High School in Thousand Oaks on Tuesday afternoon, according to FOX Los Angeles. According to the investigation, Eis was the driver who crashed into four teenagers. Relatives have confirmed the death of one pupil, 15-year-old Wesley Welling.

California Homeless Man Who Plowed Into Teens (1)

A boy of 15 and two girls, ages 14 and 16, were also taken to the hospital as sufferers. Two of the victims, according to the sheriff’s office, have been released. The status of the other is still life-threatening. Before the accident, Eis was on the run after being linked to the stabbing of a Walmart worker in Simi Valley.  The worker was admitted to the hospital for treatment.

“Violence like this can’t be tolerated, and we’re disgusted by what happened at our Simi Valley store,” a Walmart statement to Fox News Digital said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with our associate for a healthy recovery, and we’ll work closely with local law enforcement throughout their investigation.” 

Following the stabbing, Eis is suspected of engaging in domestic abuse against a relative in Camarillo. Thursday is his scheduled court date, and he is being jailed on $5 million bail.

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