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California Is Among The Worst States For ‘Girl’s Night Out’

California Is Among The Worst States For 'Girl's Night Out'

California Is Among The Worst States For 'Girl's Night Out'

According to a recent survey that ranked California as the third-worst state for a girl’s night out, dancing the night away in the Golden State might not be worth the trouble.

California also places in the bottom three, according to Nasty Gal, because it is one of the most expensive and has a low number of pubs and clubs in comparison to its population, despite being one of the most gorgeous states.

Consequently, California received a score of 54.3/100, the third-worst, behind only Arkansas (52.4) and Texas, despite the lights of Hollywood, the warm sun’s beams on miles of tranquil beaches, and the stunning skyscrapers of San Francisco (48.5).

“Nothing is more exciting than getting ready for a night out, but it’s crucial to know where to go if you want to have the time of your life without spending a fortune, according to a Nasty Gal spokesman.

“When you’re wearing your best clothing, it can be discouraging if the night falls short of your expectations and all you end up with is an empty wallet. With that in mind, we believe that this study may be useful to individuals looking for a fun, affordable night out with their favorite gals or guys.”

Mississippi (54.5) and Missouri complete the bottom five (54.6).

“Wisconsin has 1107 bars and clubs in total, with 18% receiving five stars, the best rating possible for this factor altogether. In addition, the average price of a cocktail ($7.30) is considerably lower here than in many other states. You’ll pay half as much in Wisconsin as you would in California, where a drink costs about $15, according to Nasty Gal.

“Iowa, which is a perennial favorite for a night out thanks to Iowa and Iowa State University enrolling over 30,000 students each, also makes the top five.”

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