California is First to Outlaw Gas-powered Cars

In a monumental step in the fight against climate change and in favor of clean-energy mobility options, California will ban the sale of gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles beginning in 2035. The move makes the government of this country the first in the world to take such a radical step.

The California Air Resources Board, the state agency in charge of regulating air quality, has voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Advanced Clean Cars II plan, which will mandate the sale of only electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles beginning in 2035. Board Chair Liane Randolph noted that this was a “historic moment for California, for our partner states, and for the world as we set forth this road towards a zero emission future,” as reported by Bloomberg.


Some people are worried about the high cost of electric vehicles (EVs) and their limited range, but the general agreement is that EV prices are falling and that more infrastructure investment would help people charge their cars more quickly and in more accessible places. Furthermore, other American states may follow California’s lead and restrict sales of gasoline and diesel vehicles in favor of EVs and plug-in hybrids.

When it comes to supporting EVs and other forms of clean-energy transportation, California has been among the first states in the US and the federal government to act. By 2026, Reuters reports that electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) will account for 35% of California’s total vehicle sales. By 2030, this number will have increased to 68%, and by 2035, it will have reached 100%.

Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers like Tesla and Rivian will get a boost from the decision to allow sales of exclusively clean-energy vehicles, while traditional auto makers that have already moved to EVs will feel encouraged. Though the vote was unanimous, it still needs to be approved by the Biden administration before it can be implemented.

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