California Is Now Testing Digital Driver’s Licenses

The California Department of Motor Vehicle is presently testing official digital driver’s licenses in a pilot program. These licenses perform similarly to physical licenses and enable users to make age-restricted transactions and board flights at specific airports.

At the end of July, the department gave some details about the initiative to KTLA’s sister station FOX40 News, adding that more than 1,000 people were taking part and giving comments.

Before a wider deployment, a representative for the department stated the initiative will be expanded over the next weeks.

The program was discussed by the governor of California, and the DMV later provided additional details. Select establishments around the state that are taking part in the pilot program are accepting the mobile driver’s licenses, or mDLs.

As long as a company has a digital ID reader that complies with the criteria, users of digital IDs will be able to buy age-restricted items like alcohol, according to the department.

There are now only six retail establishments in the state that are mDL-ready, five of which are in Sacramento and one in Los Angeles.

Also prepared to accept the new kind of I.D. are a few checkpoints at San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and 26 other airports in the United States.

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The licenses are currently incompatible with well-known digital wallets like Apple Wallet.

Participants in the experimental program must instead use the official California DMV Wallet app to access their digital driver’s license, while the government says it is seeking to incorporate other providers.

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