California Judge Has Ordered The Release Of The Paul Pelosi Attack Footage On Friday

The video of the assault on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, inside their San Francisco home must be made public, according to a California judge.

According to Thomas Burke, an attorney for news organizations in the case, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Stephen Murphy denied a request by prosecutors on Wednesday and stated that there is no reason to keep the footage secret after it was shown by the prosecution during a preliminary hearing last month.

In the assault, David DePape is accused.

One of the media outlets lobbying for the release of the attack video from October 28 is Fox News.

The video, which Murphy has now received from the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, is anticipated to be made public at noon on Friday.

At the time of the break-in and hammer attack at the couple’s San Francisco home, Paul Pelosi was dozing off. DePape, 42, has been prosecuted by the prosecution in relation to the assault.

Prosecutors exhibited clips of Paul Pelosi’s 911 call, surveillance video from the Capitol Police, body camera footage from the two responding officers, and video from DePape’s police interrogation during a preliminary hearing last month.

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, however, refused to provide copies of such evidence to news media when they requested them.

The district attorney’s office argued that making the video publicly available would simply encourage people to use it as a means of disseminating false information.

According to The Associated Press, news organizations asserted that it was crucial for prosecutors to make their evidence public in order to refute any false information about the attack that might be spreading online.

Burke stated, “You don’t just take away the public’s right of access because you’re worried about conspiracies.

Last month, DePape entered a not-guilty plea to six counts, including attempted murder. DePape allegedly told police that there was “evil in Washington” and that he wanted to harm Nancy Pelosi since she was the president-right-hand elect’s man. His case is still open.

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