California legislators are considering how to deliver immediate help to residents.

While many San Diegans struggle to pay for everything from gas to food, officials in Sacramento are discussing the best way to deliver direct refunds to Californians.

While Governor Gavin Newsom recently presented his plan to put money back in the pockets of some Californians, it is presently being challenged by two other proposals.

“I think it’s insane!” said Claudia Martinez of Chula Vista as she filled up her gas tank Monday. She stated that she is compelled to spend more on food, petrol, and other necessities while maintaining the same income level.

“It was already a cost,” she explained to CBS 8. “And now it’s almost like an added expense.”

Payments of $200 to California taxpayers and dependents

To assist counteract these growing expenses, the State Senate and Assembly leaders have introduced a bill that would return money to Californians’ pockets.

It would offer taxpayers and each dependent $200 payments, with eligibility limited to families earning up to $250,000.

“It is Californians in the middle and lower-income brackets are hurting,” said Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins, a San Diego native. This idea, which is anticipated to cost $6.8 billion, would target the most vulnerable residents, covering almost 90 percent of the state’s population regardless of whether they own a vehicle.

“We’re attempting to be economically responsible while assisting those in most need,” Atkins told CBS 8.

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You will get a $400 refund for each registered car you own.

Governor Newsom’s plan competes with that of Pro Tem Atkins. Newsom’s plan would pay a $400 refund for each registered car owned by a California citizen, up to a maximum of two automobiles, with no income requirements.

Additionally, his proposal includes the prospect of up to three months of free public transportation. “That immediate assistance will address an issue we are all grappling with,” Newsom stated. “That issue is gas costs!”

Every California taxpayer, regardless of income, will receive $400.

A third plan, put up by more moderate Democrats in the Assembly, would distribute $400 to every taxpayer regardless of income, similar to Newsom’s proposal. It is anticipated to cost $9.2 billion.

Atkins asserts that it is vital to offer assistance to those most needy. “We are attempting to put together something genuine and important, and we are, of course, still negotiating.”

As those conversations continue, Atkins expressed hope that the Legislature will adopt some relief in the coming weeks.