California Man Commits Fratricide Drives to Utah to Shoot and Kill Estranged Brother

A California man allegedly spent 12 hours driving to the home of his estranged brother in order to knock on the door, shoot him, and then set the house ablaze.

On that particular day, a gunfight between the individual and the responding officers was captured on tape, which the authorities later released.

According to the Weber County Attorney’s Office, on April 27 at around 7 p.m., 66-year-old Jeffery Roberts drove 12 hours from Long Beach, California, to his brother Scott Roberts’ residence in Ogden, Utah.

Before Jeffrey takes a revolver out of his jacket and starts shooting, the brothers have a brief awkward interaction, which is caught on camera by the Ring.

Hey, what’s going on? Hear Jeffrey questioning his brother.

He is answered by his estranged brother, “What are you doing here?”

The tweet below confirms the news:

Man Fires Shots, Sets Fire to Brother’s House in Disturbing Incident

Jeffrey may be seen leaving the house and coming back while on his cell phone, carrying a duffel bag and a shotgun, after firing several bullets off camera. Prior to the invasion, Scott and his sister-in-law were having supper, according to the police.

He commands the guy on the other end of the line to go into his garage and empty his bank account “as soon as you can,” albeit at times the audio is difficult to understand.

According to the lawyer’s office, the man set his brother’s house on fire using road flares.

According to authorities, after hearing several gunshots, neighbors dialed 911.

The unidentified person informed the local police, “It was next door and it sounded like gunshots, but I’m not sure about that.” “There were several shots fired, and it was fairly loud.”

Officers arrived at the house quickly after it started catching fire. According to the lawyer’s office, Jeffrey started shooting at the officers right away. According to the authorities, the bullets also hit a neighbor’s garage door across the street and a police SUV.

Roberts is shown stepping outside, shooting multiple bullets, and officers retaliating on tape from the bodycam and doorbell. Following the brief gunfight, Jeffrey is later spotted lying dead on the ground.

Police claim that Jeffrey was in possession of 23 fully loaded handgun magazines, a 9mm handgun, a 12-gauge shotgun, and more than 150 shotgun shells.

Unknown is the shooting’s motive. The office of the Weber County Attorney is looking into the event.

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