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California Man Stabs Woman And Posts Video Of ‘last Moments’ On Facebook

California Man Stabs Woman And Posts Video Of ‘last Moments’ On Facebook

California Man Stabs Woman And Posts Video Of ‘last Moments’ On Facebook

A guy in California is accused of stabbing a woman to death and then posting a livestream of her “last moments” online.

San Mateo Police Department on July 27, a woman in Nevada called the Nye County Sheriff’s Office on July 26 to report seeing a stabbing that had been uploaded on the social media site. According to authorities, the woman offered deputies the Facebook poster’s name and contact information.

Nye County deputies called the phone number associated with the Facebook account because of the “seriousness of the crime,” and the caller’s address was returned as “a large apartment complex” in San Mateo, according to the police.

San Mateo Police published a post on Facebook about the investigation:

Deputies from Nye County allegedly informed the police about the woman’s report. Police claimed they canvassed the apartment building door to door in search of the victim or suspect because they lacked an apartment number and the ping’s precision was inconsistent.

Police claimed to have discovered a dead lady inside one of the flats about three hours later. Police claimed to have identified a man, Mark Mechikoff, 39, who is accused of stabbing the woman even though there was no suspect present at the scene.

Within two hours of authorities discovering the woman, Mechikoff was detained, according to the police. Mechikoff allegedly knew the woman but kept their relationship a secret from the police.

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While the reason for the victim’s stabbing is still being looked into, authorities said Mechikoff had cruelly recorded the victim’s final moments, posted the video to Facebook, and then fled the scene.

According to KRON4 News, Mechikoff has been charged with first-degree murder by the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

On August 4, according to online jail records, Mechikoff, who is being held without bond, is scheduled to appear in court.

About 20 miles to the southeast of San Francisco is San Mateo.

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