California Mother Suffocated Her Infant While Breastfeeding, Authorities Say

A mother in California has been charged with the homicide of one of her twin 7-month-old girls for allegedly smothering the child with her breast as she was attempting to breastfeed the child.

According to Fox San Francisco, Celina Juarez is charged with murder in connection with the death of her infant daughter Melani on November 4 at their house in San Jose. She is also charged with endangering the welfare of her twin sister Zari during the same incident.

In response to complaints that Melani was not breathing and that her sister was unconscious, police officers were rushed to the residence. Both were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Juarez informed the authorities that her husband had left for work that morning and that she had taken their two young children to church with her until noon. Her boy is two years old, and her daughters are infants.

After they had returned, Juarez’s mother took her son out to do some shopping and other errands. She was apparently left alone with the twins, who were ill and “fussy” while she was caring for them.

Juarez explained that she normally feeds her daughters through a bottle, but that she wanted to breastfeed them in order to provide them with the nutrients that they needed. The kids were weeping.

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According to what Juarez is said to have told the investigators, she purposely held her breast against the mouths of the girls because she was frustrated that they wouldn’t latch on. She says Melani was resting her head on her breast for ten minutes before placing her lifeless body on the bed. Melani was later found dead.

After that, she allegedly placed Zari on her breast and “would not allow her to come up for air,” as the police put it. According to the allegations, Juarez waited twenty minutes before calling her mother. They conducted cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the infant, and her brother summoned the emergency services.

Two days later, Melani passed away. Juarez is now detained, and it is anticipated that he will enter a plea within the next month.

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