An Inmate in California Has Died From Drinking Too Much Water

Authorities said an inmate in Alameda County, California, died after consuming significant amounts of water. The death of the 26-year-old inmate occurred on April 27 in Dublin’s Santa Rita Jail. On March 28 for mysterious reasons, he was arrested and booked into jail.

At 10:35 a.m. on that day, an official from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office told FOX 2 San Francisco that the inmate had been seen drinking a “profuse amount of water” and vomiting.

“due to extensive assaultive history on staff,” jail officials claimed, the man had been placed in the Restrictive Housing Unit. In his cell, he was the only prisoner. The prisoner was sent to a medically supervised living facility when he began vomiting.

California Prisoner Dies in Custody
California Prisoner Dies in Custody

He admitted to using a controlled substance the day before his arrest, as part of his induction interview. At 3:25 p.m., a deputy checked on the inmate and found that he was unresponsive. At 4:05 p.m., despite paramedics’ best efforts, he was officially declared dead.

“Despite his admitted drug use, there was no cause for concern found during the medical and mental health intake process,” Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said. Authorities have not been able to contact the man’s Mexican family.

The Alameda County Coroner’s Office is currently looking into what killed the inmate. At this time, further information is unavailable.

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