California SNAP (CalFresh) Benefits Exact Payment Dates for August 2023

California, known as the Golden State, is gearing up to disburse August payments to beneficiaries of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), referred to as CalFresh in the region. SNAP is a crucial food-assistance scheme that aids low-income households by providing them with a monthly allowance to purchase food at eligible grocery stores across the United States.

Each state manages the transfer of SNAP allowances, resulting in varying payment dates depending on the recipient’s location. In California, beneficiaries can expect to receive their benefits on specific dates based on the last digit of their case number.

CalFresh Payment Calendar for August 2023

Last Digit of Case NumberPayment Date
1August 1
2August 2
3August 3
4August 4
5August 5
6August 6
7August 7
8August 8
9August 9
0August 10

Maximum SNAP Benefits in California

The amount of SNAP benefits issued to recipients depends on various factors, including household size and income. In California, the average monthly payment per qualifying individual is $196. The maximum amounts paid out in the lower 48 states and the District of Columbia are as follows:

Household MembersMaximum Monthly Benefit
Additional Member+$211

SNAP Benefits in Alaska and Hawaii

For SNAP recipients in Alaska, the maximum monthly benefit is $1,172 for four-person urban households and $1,819 for those residing in rural areas. In Hawaii, the maximum benefit amount is capped at $1,794 for a family of four.

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